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I just wanted to let you all know that I do respond to questions in the comments section, so if you ask me something, I will write back. Just thought I's mention it, so you'll come back to check 😉

my writings and thots

Spring is here!

It's so nice and warm, sunshine during the day, a strong breeze that drys all the laundry, flowers are blossoming. Now if only my hayfever would go away, I would really enjoy it! But thank God warmth is on it's way!

my writings and thots

I’m back!

I have not been sick in bed for years! Usually when I catch cold, or even a fever, it's just overnight, and I'm back to work the next day. Not so with this flu. It started with what I though was a bad headache, so I lay down for 'a little nap' which lasted 3 full days in bed! Every bone and muscle in my body ached, and I realized how thankful I am for text reader! I couldn't get near a computer, my head would start pounding, so I put the text extra large, put the reader on and followed along from my bed. I'm so glad I'm feeling a bit better now, though I'm still a bit dizzy from time to time. I fainted 3 times; just got my whole system off whack. Obviously Someone wanted me to take a break, just resting in His arms, spending a lot of time in prayer and communion with Him. I heard that there's a nasty flu going around, and even my brother in Germany got it bad, thankfully the kids didn't get it too bad, just 2 or three nights, CC and Cherise are up after one day in bed, just taking it easy around the house.


Nasty Spring!

The wind has been blowing hard for the last two days, forcing me to once again bring my laundry in where I was just getting used to the nice smell of fresh air on my clothes. I awoke this morning to sweet quiet, rushing to the window, hoping to see a sign that Spring is finally on it’s way. Instead, I was greeted by little white flakes merrily making their way down to the brown ground. Oh dear! Will Spring come at all this year? The wind whipped up lots of dust, and even though I didn’t have the windows open long, I see dust everywhere! Gotta keep on top of it, I’ve been sneezing and wheezing something nasty. I keep those I know with hayfever in my fervent prayers!


Kids club

Had our second kids club yesterday. Only three kids came again, though I don’t know if I would have been able to handle any more, since I was tired from being up in the night with Jordan. What’s cool is that I get to practice my Croatian on a different level, using vocab that doesn’t come up on other days. The girls had 45 min of ‘one-on-one’ Croatian class after the ‘club’ with a sweet girl who devotes her full attention on teaching them by playing memory or other games with pictures. Other activities we did were writing our names with pictures, stories and games. Hopefully we’ll have a bigger attendance next week, as we intend to advertise even more.

about the kids

Little sicklets

Charlotte is finally over the flu and eating normally again, thank God. Now Jordan’s come down with it, though not as bad as the girls, as he still eats and wants to be up and about as much as possible. It’s just really hard on me as a mother to see my little ones so weak and docile. On the good news side, Cherise is eating like a horse! She finished off about half a cheese cake over two days, eating it for breakfast, lunch and many snacks. I let her eat as much as she wanted, as she’s lost a fair amount of weight, which she needs to get back. Charlotte is craving milk, which is just fine with me; I’m hoping she makes it a habit!