Black and white?

Sometimes I'm at a loss for words. Take the reasoning of a four year old:

CC mentioned that Jordan is cute. Cherise then started on a long and confusing run down of who can be called 'cute', what it means and what other names go for other people, boys, girls, etc. I'll try to recap: "Jordan can be cute, but girls can't be cool, Charlotte isn't cool, she's nice and Mommy is pretty. Jerry is cool and Daddy is cool, but Jordan isn't cool yet." Charlotte and I tried to explain that it's not so defined and that anyone can technically be cool or nice or cute (even guys, gasp). She got so frustrated, exclaiming, "now you got me all mixed up!" I left her by saying that one day it won't be such a big deal, and I think she's the cutest!

Isn't she quite the analyst though?

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Easter and since then

Today is one week after Good Friday, and since WP was down that day, and so much has happened since it's back up, I'll give a little run down here.

 The Easter weekend was great, we had visitors over who went to the pools with everyone from our home except me, Lisa and Sirena (Lisa can't go…too hot for a pg, Sirena had a cold, and I volunteered to stay with them since our car's too small, and I often get sick after going to the indoor pool). I had a lot of quality time with the Infostore, did some chores and got some quiet rest. We had dinner out at a nice restaurant and then headed back home. Oh, right, the night before we had games and activities, which was great fun! It's nice to have more people, and since we had another 2 adults, we had a blast!

The day after Easter, we all started coming down with a nasty tummy bug again! Thank God, it seems to be over, now, and didn't last as long as the last one.

The weather is beautiful! Spring is here in full force, turning our barren, dry trees into a picture of beauty, blossoms everywhere! I was able to get the boys to help me dig up our garden patch, and the girls planted the first seeds in pots to sprout. We have to wait before planting in the patch as I need to get rid of the mole problem first. Cherise and Charlotte are still a little weak from being sick, but they spend the day outside, lying on a blanket, reading and making crowns of flowers.

about the kids

Good manners

Jordan says ‘yes, please’ any time he’s asked if he wants something, followed by ‘thanks’. I really hope this isn’t a fad or passing faze, he’s so cute, and we make sure he knows how much we love it when he does that.

Charlotte passed another LA Lightunit test: 94%. Science: 98%, Social Studies: 98%. I hope no one starts getting ideas that I’m helping her cheat! She just does really well and is learning so much, so fast. It was funny, though, that at dance school all the other kids signed a card for their teacher in cursive, and she signs her name in print. Ahhh, well, cursive, here I come!

Cherise started her new readers! She’s doing so well and is a great sample for the little guys. She’s officially ‘adopted’ Sirena (Migs and Lisa’s little girl), feeds her lunch, plays with her every day, teaches her stuff, etc. It’s so cute to watch!

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What I’ve been up to

Since I didn’t get online in a few days, and he says it so well, I’ll just link you to Jayman’s site with what we’ve been doing lately.

┬áJordan fell and bruised his nose and cheek, he was trying to climb a matrass with the twins and they all fell. Thankfully though it looked bad at the time, it’s not all that serious. Thank God for their guardian angels!

Jordan says, ‘wassup?’ all the time when seeing someone. Dunno where he learned it, but it’s so cute!

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Love in action

Jordan took a bit of time to get used to Lisa, seeing as it’s been a while since we’ve had people actually living with us. But he’s slowly warming up to the situation, especially since she’s so much fun giving them picture facts, telling stories, etc. It also helped that Cherise was around or I would be nearby for the first few days. Today I was preparing my lunch when I heard this conversation between Jordan and Lisa:



“I love you.”

It was so simple, so sweet, but I was touched inside. He had done what he felt would be the way to show her that he accepts her and enjoys being around her. As I write this, I am trying to get him to go to sleep, and he keeps asking if he can go downstairs to ‘be with aunty Lisa’. He’s thinking, of course of getting stories or play time with her, but I think it’s sweet that she’s his new friend.

about the kids

Ice cream weather!

We had a great Sunday with the kids. Seeing as it's so sunny and warm, we decided to take all the kids to the park and brought lunch as well. Jo is on the road for 10 days at the coast, manning a fair, so it was Jayman, Migs, Lisa and their adorable little girl. The kids had a blast climbing all over the 1,000 yr old tree, sliding down the slide, eating on benches and then running all over the castle moat looking for the perfect flowers to pick and give as gifts to all us adults. After that, it was off to the train station, where they have the cheapest ice cream in town. All of us, except the two littlest guys got two scoops, all for 2 Euros…good stuff, too. We made it back just in time for storm clouds to overcast the sky and then blow right over, giving us a lovely sunset!