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Charlotte’s first attempt at poetry

Charlotte wrote this during her quiet time. I only fixed a few spelling errors, she called it a poem, so I wrote it just as she did:

My poem to Jesus:
Oh, how I love you, Jesus.
You make my life so perfect.
You help me do what’s right.
And when I make a mistake, you are so understanding.
I love you! I think you’re the best Guy in the world.

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Kimi Ann

Yay! A new baby is born! This one is a miracle from start to finish. This morning at 9 we received a phone call from the hospital (just as we were going out the door to go there) that Lisa had stronger, more regular contractions, as well as dilated in the night. There was talk of there being a possibility to have it naturally. Migs and I were overjoyed as we traveled to the hospital, only to have it dampened a bit by the overly legalistic midwife on duty. She’s very sweet and all, but didn’t want to bend the rules one bit as far as letting either Migs or I in to be with Lisa at that point. We pulled every string we could, but were left with instructions to come back in two hours, and only Migs could go in, if he paid the $50 fee. We did some business in town and came home so Migs could get a nap (he’s not been sleeping much because of hay fever and asthma because of our dusty hallway). At 1:30 the hospital called again and told us to wait until 3, but that she was still doing well: good contractions and more dilating. We prayed about it and decided that I should still go back with Migs, as our doctor friend only speaks German, and I know my way around the hospital, most of the doctors in that ward, etc. At 3:30 the doctors were serious about having a c-section, as the baby hadn’t dropped at all. Migs and I prayed desperately, claiming promises and called the home to pray too. There was another woman that the midwife was busy with, but they called up the anesthesiologist already to prepare to take Lisa in for the operation. After half an hour, the midwife came back out of the room, surprised as could be that the baby had dropped, and Lisa was ready to push! She was followed by the slightly disappointed anesthesiologist, ha! Migs paid his fee and was dressed up in full scrubs to attend the rest of the delivery. At 5:05 Little Kimi saw the light of the world after only 2 strong pushes. What a miracle! She’s so adorable! She looks like a mini Sirena, with slightly more slanted eyes. Tiny, squishy and totally attentive and cute! Can’t wait to have her back in the house, so we can take turns baby sitting!

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Busy, busy, busy!

Last weekend was busy and exciting for all of us. Cherise had been waiting for the weekend all week, as she knew we’d be celebrating her birthday then, as she was on a Wednesday. Kids’ Club was great fun! The girls brought little gifts and snacks, we made brownies and cookies to serve followed by everyone getting a tattoo painted and then the games began. When praying about how to make the Kids’ Club theme the birthday party, the Lord showed me to just do it the same way we celebrate with our kids, simple but fun and engaging games (that even the boys joined in on, I might add), dancing, etc.
After that, I worked hard with Jo to clean up the upstairs rooms, preparing for our overnight guests from ZG. Jerry got busy with the fire, while Lisa walked off contractions. Migs kept the kids engaged, playing soccer, taking them for walks to the playground, etc. Soon enough, people started dropping by for the barbeque. In all, we fed 22 people (including 11 kids!) and then slowly made our way indoors to get the kids ready for bed so we could start the adult activity. We stayed up pretty late (for us parents at least, heh) playing games, laughing and having a great time. I really like having other Family people over, as well as our local friends, as it adds spice and variety to the evening.
Next day, I baked a cake, decorated it in an underwater theme, mainly green (no blue left, so she chose green) icing, and little decorations made to look like coral, etc. One of the kids in ZG just turned two as well, so it was his party, too! Two little tauruses, enjoying their cake and ice cream, what more could you ask for? The kids played hop-scotch, dancing games, did action songs, etc. until it was time to go.
But wait, my day wasn’t over yet! I was invited to advertise for my upcoming seminar at a Mother’s Day event hosted by the city together with an NGO for parents. Jerry drove me, and stood as my body guard (ha!) in the back while I went table to table introducing myself and the seminar. Thank God for our doctor friend who did most of the talking in Croatian this time!
This morning, it was off to the hospital to have Lisa checked in as she’d been having contractions for 3 nights and 2 days by now. After thorough examination by several doctors, lots of counseling, etc, it was decided that if she didn’t get any stronger contractions tonight, and actually go into labor, she’d need to have a c-section in the morning. As disappointed as we are in not being able to have a natural delivery, we are at peace that the Lord is having His hand in all of it, and since the baby is over 2 weeks overdue, we decided to comply. Please pray for her as she’s alone in the hospital for the night (they kindly let me stay with her all day, but I had to leave by dinner), and although she’s done this before, it’s all new here, etc. Pls also pray for Migs and Serena tonight, and the next few nights, that she won’t miss Mommy too much, and get used to little Kimi when the time comes. Thanks so much!

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet mom who's so often there for me when I need her. She's concerned, helpful and a huge blessing to me during my deliveries–couldn't have done it without you! I love you!

To my mother-in-law, thank you for your support, sweet and kind comments and notes, and for accepting me into your life. I love you!

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My little Peanut

Sweet little thing you are, sent straight from Heaven to brighten my day. I look forward to every day with you, when you look up at me with innocent eyes full of love and tell me you love me, no, love me more, no, love me more than one hundred million, and you do this over and over each day, regardless of my mood or if I've been a bit on the edgy side. This last year, you've grown especially, learning new reading words, starting and finishing readers, starting KG (officially) and almost done with it now, you've memorised all the verses for your age and many quotes as well. Your favorite stories have graduated from 'Johnny and the Worm' and 'Wolf, Wolf' to 'Eat Right' (you just love looking at the food!) and the entire New Testament in any Bible book you can find. Ice cream is still your favorite food, along with spaghetti, pizza and chocolate. Most of all, your love for others is what makes you so great to be around. You teach the younger ones with incredible patience and insight. You like to make your rounds in the morning and evening, giving hugs, kisses and sweet little comments. I love you and hope you had a great birthday today, and my prayer is that you'll have a great year ahead!