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This post is going to be long…

…so brace yourself…

Once again, I didn’t get online since my last post, though so much has happened! I live, a walking testimony to living by faith, trusting for every need, great or small. This last weekend was proof once again of the verse, ‘not my might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts’.

As mentioned in my last post, we are now a larger team (by far not the largest we’ve had here, but a lot more than the last year, for sure), mostly small kids. There is school to be done for the 3 school-aged kids, three are in KG, and then the two toddlers need input as well. Lisa just had her baby, Migs is still suffering from asthma from time to time because of our dusty hallway, I’ve been off and on sick from one thing or another, and in general, we’re not what could be called a ‘strong’ team. By ‘strong’ I mean physically, because as a team, we’re a good, united front, able and willing to do as the Lord bids. One thing I particularly like about our team is the willingness by all to put everything into making the home succeed. When it’s time to work, we work, but we play great, too. Our devotions are lively and full of commentary, we make an effort to put spiritual applications to practice in our lives, and the sheps are doing their part to keep us all on track. We have great fellowship time together, especially in the evenings, which is part of the reason that the Internet has lost much of it’s allure for me…

Over the weekend, we participated in a big fair, which last year was barely worth it for us. We prayed desperately, as it had been raining and was quite cold the whole week. The kids practiced their dance and clown skit, and we prayed that many people would show up. Well, Friday came and went without much event. Yes, the sun did shine, but it was still a working day, and the first day of the World Cup, so there was minimal turnout. That night, we prayed together desperately for a miracle, as that’s what it would take. Rain was predicted, and rain it did at 10:00 when the kids were due to perform in the outdoor stage. We didn’t even bother to go until the rain had subsided some. Then it started! The sun came out and people came to the fair in droves. I have never seen so many people at this fair in the 4 years we’ve gone. Sure, it rained again from time to time, and there was mud ankle deep (it was set up in tents in a soccer field!), but the people just kept coming. The kid’s show was postponed to 4:00 and sure enough, at 3:45 it started to pour again. We prayed desperately, reminding the Lord of all His promises, and 5 minutes before their performance, it stopped and the kids did so great! They got a crowd right away, and everyone loved them! I’m convinced that I no longer need to be a clown on stage and am perfectly content to let the ‘mini clowns’ as they were called to really take the torch and run with it!

On Sunday, the sun shone once again, and there were so many people we had to rotate the stand team in order for them to get a break. I have to add here that we couldn’t have done it without our faithful nationals, Vanja and Terry who put their all into it. Their kids performed in Croatian, making it easy for our girls to follow along. People would pass our stand thinking not much of it until Vanja or Terry would explain the work and get people interested. I learned the lines quickly, and did fine when they took a break, but they really made their time count, God bless them. We were able to talk to the women in the stands next to us, make friends with them (can you believe they thought I was 17!?!) and we are inviting them for coffee, so that we can talk to them more in depth than at the noisy fair.

I know this is long already, but I just needed to mention that one other miracle happened when we got back home on Saturday night. Our landlady was at the house, and we took the time to show her the hallway and other things we are working on or were getting permission to work on, when she mentioned casually that we no longer owe her anything! As some may know, we were a few rents back, with her having told us to pay when we can. We are now current on our bills! Oh, wow!

Life is fair and God is good!!!

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I’m still here, believe it or not!

I'm really, really sorry for not blogging more lately. I've been sooooo busy, and some nights don't even get online cause we have other stuff going. In my defense, I am now a manager for not 9 but 15 people basically overnight so I'm still trying to get my bearings and all. Thank you for your patience, I'll try to catch up soon!