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Happy Birthday

It was my mother-in-law’s birthday. Just wanted to let you know we were thinking of you, just couldn’t get on line. Thank you again for the sweet package, and thanks for your care and love that we can feel all the way from the other side of the world. We love you!

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Woah so much to do!

Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you, we’ve been offline because of a virus, but it’s all taken care of now.
Big news, we have to move. Now. Jo and I are leaving on August first and the others will follow by the 15th. We are all still coming to grips with the shortness of time in which to close down the house, pack, give away all the stuff we’ve collected over the last few months, etc, etc. The reason for this quick move is that we need to work on a proper visa, and can no longer stay as we have been on a short term visa. Any prayers will be greatly appreciated!
We are currently looking for a home to take us in, and in the mean time purging our stuff, packing, cleaning, etc. Some of our friends came over today for Indian food, as I’d promised months ago I would cook some for them as they really liked it. Others have been dropping by to say good bye, and Jo has his work cut out for him trying to visit all the friends we’ve made over the years.
Charlotte is concerned for our animals, and it seems we already have a home for Brownie, and the birds. The girls have started making cards for our friends before I need to put all the crafts things away.
Change is good. Can’t let the roots grow too deep. The Lord knows what He’s doing Keep telling myself that, maybe one day I’ll stop crying…

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A fun, busy weekend

Thursday afternoon, we were invited to a cute little village up in the mountains (well, you cm-grad-small.jpgknow, higher than where we live, heh) to visit our doctor friend at her parent’s house where she grew up. The children had just finished learning a new song, so they were excited about performing it, and the trip turned out to be quite an excursion! This woman’s father has a hobby of collecting old items and has made a mini museum with horse carriages, tools used 100 years ago, early radios, sewing machines, etc. The kids got to visit the wine cellar with real oil lamps, wooden vats, etc. We also took a walk to see the old castle, which will be renovated and used again in the near future. It was such a cute little town, with a lot of colorful houses, the kind people paint to bring a little life into these farming towns. The kids did well in their first performance, and all in all had a great time.

On Friday, all of the children graduated, and we held a celebration to commemorate it. It was Charlotte’s birthday, but we celebrated that on Saturday, so that it could be more of a party. For the graduation ceremony, we teachers/moms got together their report cards, finalized their portfolios and helped the children set it up in a display for the children to present. We got pizza for dinner, read a message from the Lord for all the kids and then the kids got to ‘man their stations’ as each adult went from table to table to see the progress made last year. It was fun to watch the kids present their artwork, show their grades, and explain what they accomplish. Cherise especially really got into it, wanting to show everyone every single page in every single book, ha! Thankfully, the adults discreetly took turns at her table, so she could go on showing without actually having to show anything more than once or twice, heh. After that, the children received their diplomas, as well as a personal prophecy for each child. This was followed by a yummy snack, and the thought that school is ‘out’ for the next two months or so. We will continue to do art and music lessons, excursions to different museums, and hopefully a bread and a milk factory, etc this summer so that there won’t be a dull moment. cc-grad-small.jpg

cc-birthday-small.jpgFinally, on Saturday we celebrated Charlotte’s birthday with a fun kids party in the afternoon, and then Lisa’s birthday came together into an ‘adult’ party late into the night. Charlotte chose the theme ‘The Greatest of These’ and everyone came as a liquid of some sort, ranging from sea water and fresh water, to beer, oil and shower soap. Charlotte of course, was the Teardrop Fairy to which Lisa made a beautiful card and the Teardrop Fairy even gave message just for CC! Since summer and baking don’t go over well in my vocabulary, sweet Terry made a call and we got a friend of ours who specializes in the art of cake decorating to donate a cake for our little party. Charlotte was thrilled with the ‘Barbie’ cake (it was the woman’s idea), and in all we had a great party for all.

In the evening, we adults gathered for delicious peach daiquiris, courtesy of Jayman, and the fun began. We played all sorts of games way into the night…ahhh, such fun. Now to catch up on some zzzzzs tonight, heh!

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My little Cancer

It’s my sweet little girl’s birthday today. Every year I have a fit as I realise I have a child that’s 6, 7,  and now 8 years old! But despite the reminder that I’m getting older, I would never trade any of my little angels for all the free time in the world

Charlotte, you make my heart sing. I love to hear your voice as you sing little songs, especially the little made up ditties telling people you love them, etc. I am so proud of you for finishing your school on time, and learning to put in the hours every day even when you don’t feel like it. You are a great dancer, witnesser, and a good friend to the other kids around. I like your laugh, your sense of humor, which I noticed already in you at 3 when you would laugh at jokes people would make, and then at Cherub Wings when the other kids just sat there, and now you crack up about the littlest things. I love you! Thank you for choosing me as your mother, and thank God for giving you to me!

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I know, I know

It’s kinda boring on here of late, and I appologise for that. Will try to start writing again as soon as I can, just been busy, you know?

Thanks so much to my mom in law who sent the adorable little Chinese outfits for the girls and all the little toys and jewlery. It was like Christmas in the summer for the girls, and just in time for Charlotte’s upcoming birthday. They said to say thanks, and will write presently as well. Just wanted to say thank you!

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Gone for a while…

…and back again…


I just got back from a three day PR seminar at the beautiful, warm coast. Although the actual seminar was only three days, I was gone from home for four days, traveling late into the night on the way back. The seminar was a great learning experience for both Jayman and myself. I went, not because I’m responsible for PR in the home, but rather because whenever there’s any kind of media coverage, I usually get volunteered to present our work to the public. It was the first time I left Jordan for longer than a few hours, and he’s only been completely weaned for about 2 months.


Of course, the kids did just fine in my absence, sleeping well and being good for those caring for them during the day. They called me in the evenings, saying good night, and telling me about their day. Being away for a few days, I noticed how much Jordan is talking these days! He makes full, well structured sentences, even using proper grammar and all. I love to hear him talk and tell me stuff, however, I need to continue talking to him in German, as he only speaks to me in English (apart from a few select words). He understands really well, there’s just the temptation for me to answer back in English, as I want him to answer back, ha!


Charlotte finished the whole grade of Science, getting 100% in her final test. She has half a book left of LA and Social Studies each and 1 ½ of Bible which she should be done with by the end of next week. Yes, she is a bit behind in Math, as I need another book for her, and am ordering it with next grade. She knows most of the material though, and will catch up rather fast, I hope. The only thing is that I still need about $400 for the school order, so any prayers for this would be greatly appreciated. I would like to make the order soon, so that they can start the grade on time.


Cherise is learning to get out of herself and ‘let her light shine’. I’m so proud of her for trying really hard to get the victory whenever she goes through trials. Her moods are very much subject to the way she ‘feels’, as in hungry, tired, thirsty, hot, etc. But through much counsel and prayer, she’s been making so much progress at expressing herself when she needs something, and her little birthday resolution was to ‘never whine again’, heh. Her reading has also really been doing well, and it seems she wants to read everything, asking me what every little blurb says anywhere in her stories. She often repeats the words out loud as well. It seems to me, she’s trying to teach herself, the little cutie!


I want to also take a moment to mention my little sister who has birthday today. I really love you, little one, and pray that everything will work out well for you this year wherever you may be. I have very fond memories of our times together, and don’t know how I would have managed those years without you. Please know that I’m very proud of you, and the girls still remember and speak well of you. CC said to send you tons of love as well. I love you.