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found some pix

I found some pix of our outing last Sunday here including one with my dad and Mary. I know Jo has some pix on the laptop, but those will have to wait until he gets back from EuroRock. Until then, enjoy those…

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Off to EuroRock

This was written on Wednesday


Jo is off for the rest of the week tomorrow early in the morning. He is going to attend EuroRock as a room captain, so I get quality time with the kids that I missed last week. I’m thankful for this time to have with my kids; I’d missed them so much!


This evening we had a dress up party with the kids with dancing and snacks. Of course, all my dress up clothes are nicely stored away in a garage in Croatia, but we made do with what we had, and actually did not too bad for ourselves, heh. Once again, photos will be forthcoming as soon as I track them down or else they get developed and scanned.

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A day out with my dad

Since my dad is only with us for a couple of days, we used the time to go into the capital and walk around. I had only been to the park once, so it was new for me, too. The center is really quite nice with a little river running through it, beautiful old-style buildings, and pretty little walking streets. We stopped for ice-cream and took pictures all along the way…


It was really nice having my dad over to visit. I miss him and appreciate all he’s done for me over the years. Maybe one day it’ll work out for us to live closer, but till then, I’ll keep them in my prayers and my heart.

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Knights, castle, caves and more

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to visit a nearby castle that was hosting a knight’s event. The castle is built into a mountain, and though we didn’t actually get to see the inside, the outside was beautiful, the walls around giving a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. Because of the event, there were way too many people, but we still enjoyed ourselves, the kids especially liked being able to handle the different weapons, swords, helmets, etc. Some of the kids got to practice archery, while the younger ones rode horses—CC even galloping for a distance—this was definitely a highlight for her.


It was really nice to have my Dad and Mary with us for the day (they stayed a few days to visit with us—I hadn’t seen him in 5 yrs!), the kids enjoyed their company. After lunch, we made our way down to the famous Slovenian caves, which we had gotten complementary tickets for.


Going from 25+C to 11C was quite a shock on the system. We had sweaters and jackets which we quickly put on, and then the little train went down, down, down; actually going quite fast as it zipped around corners, under stalagmites, past beautiful dripstones, large caves, etc. We got off and took the tour, which took us for a 1 ½ km walk through the beautiful caves and alleys which make one feel we’re in a different world altogether. Back on the train and into the sun, the kids piled out and started running around to try and get some warmth back into their bones, ha!


We took a bunch of pictures, but since our digital camera is broken, we’ll have to wait to get the film developed and then scan the pix, etc, etc. Maybe I’ll try and hunt some down from one of the other cameras.

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Gone again, back again

Last week on Friday, I went back home. I caught a ride with a neighbor who works here. The reason for my return was to help clean and organise the house again, help distribute the clothes, dishes, toys, etc that we had collected in our basement, and communicate with our landlady who only speaks German.

It was nice being back again, though sad to have to finalise everything. I was busy all day long, sometimes working till 2 AM and back up again at 7, leaving me totally exhausted. Thank God for His protection, as I didn’t get sick and hardly had any heart pains despite lifting all sorts of heavy boxes, hauling them down to the garage where we’re storing everything temporarily, scrubbing the house pretty much from top to bottom (thanks to Lisa who did her part to clean some of the rooms before she left), etc.

Something new I got to experience was helping with the tiles in the hallway. We waited with finishing the hall when we heard we had to leave, even though we had all the supplies on hand, as that way the kids wouldn’t step in the wrong place, get hurt, etc etc. I started with learning how to measure and cut tiles, which I did alright, though I was so exact, Jerry often had to refile them down as there wasn’t enough room for the glue. Next, I tried my hand at actually laying the tiles, which, after 11 tiles, we realised I’m not cut out for (heh). After he was done, I got to scrape the glue off the top and help with the grout. That I did well if I may say so myself, ha!

I did miss the kids a whole lot, though, it’s nice to be with them again. I have a lot more to post, so there should be more on the way. Pray that I can sit down and write, heheh.

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Out in town

It finally stopped raining, so we had a chance to go out with the kids. We took a bus to a big park in town–first bus we’ve been on for a very long time. Jordan was practically quivering with excitement when we first got on.

Walking to the park was one long heart attack for me. My girls are used to a small town, we lived in a little village where we could walk down the street to the park. Even going into ‘town’ was relatively safe, seeing as there was a big walking street, sidewalks, and not too many crazy drivers. here, there are four lane roads, zebra stripes that make me think of road kill, etc. Add to that the naive complete trust of my kids, I was in perpertual state of ‘freaking out’!

Once we got to the park, though, it was great. Plenty of space to run around, give out tracts and a huge playground. We kind of had to rush home, as there were dark clouds with lightning coming our way (but they did blow over), but overall, it was great to get out of the house and enjoy warm weather again.

As a little PS to this post, I wanted to appologise if any of my last posts were a tad depressing or sad. I’ll try to stick to the upbeat stuff from now on, just pls keep me in your prayers. I’m still having difficulties eating (pants that fit last month are too big on me now…) but getting over it with time. Thanks for your patience!