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Happy birthday to my bestest friend

Happy 30th! Thanks for your friendship, for being there. Hope your dreams and wishes come true for you this year, and that it’ll be better than the last. Love you lots!

ps. sorry for burning your cake!

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My chosen profession

In teaching and educating and caring for My children, you are creating masterpieces greater than the finest artwork on Earth—greater than the works of Michelangelo and all his tedious and detailed work on the Sistine Chapel; greater than all the works of Rembrant; greater than all the works of any artist that ever lived. Your works are masterpieces of living art—not that which will be admired on pieces of canvas, or sculptures carved from stone, or on the walls of a great church. No, those works of art will pass away, but the work of teaching and raising and caring for My children will live on in their lives. For they are creations of My hand, made in My image, and you are the ones I have chosen to raise them in My nurture and admonition.

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Count my blessings

During our last prayer day, we did a praise activity where we had to think of bad or not-so-good situation and thank the Lord how it’s not worse. I said my piece then, but I got to thinking of despite the difficulties we’ve been through lately, we still have it relatively good. Most of all, I’m thankful for all I’ve learned and am still learning. I’m grateful that I have that good, solid foundation of faith given to me by my parents and the Family that enables me to see the good in these situations and not give up. Life isn’t perfect, but He sure does have a plan.

Some other things I’m thankful for:

The new camera someone gave us.

The funds came together for the kid’s school books so I can make the order. A friend of mine is trying to work out the payment by credit card.

Despite me being pretty sick right now, the kids are still healthy.

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busy as before

I’m sorry I havn’t been blogging a whole lot recently. It’s mainly because I’m so busy living that I don’t have much time to blog about it, ha!

The kids had a chance to go to the zoo on the weekend, as one of the kids here had birthday. I hear they had a blast, and brought back all sorts of tales of siberian tigers, seals, snakes, etc.

The day before that the kids had their ‘big show’. The first performance for all of them as a group and I’d say they did great. It was a children’s fair and the kids performed 6 songs between them plus the skit. After that, our stand took off, so I was asked to help with the face painting, though I was scheduled for the next day. It was plenty of fun face painting again, especially since we were busy the whole time, not having time to get bored, ha. The next day was so busy we had three painters and still had lines. Great fun! The other girls are beautiful artists and I feel a bit out of place as my painting is ‘copy’ kind of thing, even though I’m fast. We did the best we could with the brushes we had, and the girls were nice about not making me feel bad about my ‘basic’ skills, God bless ’em.

We would like the kids to keep practicing on a regular basis so that they can learn more songs, get better at the ones they know, etc.

about the kids, read this

Mini kids’ camp

Because of the short notice about the kids’ camp happening in our area all the kids in the home were unable to attend, so we decided to make it up to them by having our own ‘mini camp’. I had intended to blog about it on a day-by-day basis, but I was so busy doing it, I didn’t have time to write about it, heh. Also, I wanted to post pix, but am having some trouble tracking down all the different pictures from different cameras, etc. Since our camera is broken, I depend on the other parents or adults to take pix, but some will be coming later when our film gets developed.

Ok, so here’s the run-down of the highlights:
A day trip to the Slovenian coast. I had never been to this coast, so it was an interesting cultural experience aside from being lots of fun for the kids. We had lunch by the beach, the kids dipped in for a little bit (I left my bathing suit home, oops), we walked through two of the main towns on the coastal area. They are cute little towns, much like the ones in Croatia I’ve been to, though the bigger one, Potorož, is more of a ‘cash cow’ for the area, with casinos, huge hotels and all the money making avenues they can think of. It was a bit sad that the whole town is taken up with hotels (I mean big hotels with flashing lights, etc.), so much so that it’s called the mini Vegas of Slovenia (key word: mini). Anyway, there was an amusement park there that generously let the kids ride on every single ride there, which was a real treat for them. I got to take Jordan on the bumper boats which was a treat for me, ha! After that we intended to go swimming again, but there was a LOT of seaweed all over so we opted for a little paddle boat ride out a bit where the adults were brave enough to dive into the mildly cold water. The kids had pizza for lunch and ice cream twice!

Another day trip to Bled, a lake with an island in it with a historical church. This time I brought my bathing suit and we all took a dip in an area designated for swimming with little pools sectioned off so that it wasn’t too deep for the kids. We had a lovely picnic by the lake, walked on the little promenade by the lake and took a boat trip to the island. The church is a cute, old building with a bell that any visitor is allowed to pull the bell cord to make it ring. There was also a beautiful manger scene display with all sorts of manger scenes ranging from paper to wood, glass, stone, clay, etc, including one from the 18 hundreds.

One afternoon the kids went ahead to a clearing in the woods designated for fires and collected wood for burning and roasting hot dogs. I followed with the dinner: hot dogs, fire-bread, peppers and bread. We made a big fire and the dialog between the kids went something like this: “Great, a fire!” “I need a hot dog” “Please can I have my own stick?” Then: “This is hot!” “Mommy, can you hold my stick?” “Oh, can you hold mine, too?” Soon all the kids were patiently sitting around the fire on logs while the adults held two or three sticks in their hands trying to get the food cooked as fast as possible.


Other activities included paper mache, origami folding, making a birthday card for one of the adults in the home, dress up like cowboys and Indians–including a tent, documentary videos, and more. All in all, it was a great five days of fun, educational experiences, inspiration, and it’ll give them the boost they need to get back into the groove of school again next week. Speaking of school, please pray with me that I can get the rest of the funds together to order the books for the girls so they can start school soon, too.