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Count my blessings

During our last prayer day, we did a praise activity where we had to think of bad or not-so-good situation and thank the Lord how it’s not worse. I said my piece then, but I got to thinking of despite the difficulties we’ve been through lately, we still have it relatively good. Most of all, I’m thankful for all I’ve learned and am still learning. I’m grateful that I have that good, solid foundation of faith given to me by my parents and the Family that enables me to see the good in these situations and not give up. Life isn’t perfect, but He sure does have a plan.

Some other things I’m thankful for:

The new camera someone gave us.

The funds came together for the kid’s school books so I can make the order. A friend of mine is trying to work out the payment by credit card.

Despite me being pretty sick right now, the kids are still healthy.


1 thought on “Count my blessings”

  1. Sorry you are not feeling too well, we’ll pray for that. Also glad to hear He supplied the funds for the kids books, we prayed for that. And good to hear you got a new camera, look forward to seeing new pics of you,Jo and kids,etc. We love you all and miss you tons.

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