Party time

We had another home over for a visit and enjoyed a fun game night together. Here’s one pic, though there are others, like the ones of me tied up for the ‘princess game’. I laughed so hard I had aches in my stomach all night! Good fun! I’m trying to make an elephant sound while not laughing and giving myself away. He never did guess, heh.


Jo doing his thing at inspiration the next morning.

I need to find all the pix of the kids with their friends from last year…

Charlotte took this picture of me this afternoon. I think the girl has talent!



Some random pix

Charlotte hanging around…cc-upsidedown.jpg

Cherise and Jordan insisted on going down this slide together. Some days they’re just inseperable.


Jordan trying his best to be a ‘big boy’…


I went go carting for the first time in my life last month. I can’t tell if I look happy or aprehensive…


I wasn’t very good, came in 9th out of 10, but had a blast anyway!


about the kids

Who could ask for anything more?

I go into the kids room to say good night; a little voice says, “I want to cuddle you, Mommy”. I head over to Jordan’s bed, crawl under the covers while he puts his chubby arm around my neck and says, “sing, Mommy. The one about eyes going to sleep, it’s my best song!” I sing softly while listening to his breathing become more steady till he’s off in dreamland.

Ahhhhhh, this is the life!

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I’m back

I actually got back two days ago, after a delay. Altogether I missed 5 trains on this trip–I’m not so sure I’m such a good traveller anymore, heh.

The (long) weekend was great fun: did some ‘tourist’ stuff, caught up on old times with my very good friend (10 1/2 years is a lot of catching up to do!), and got plenty of rest. It’s actually been my first time away on a non working trip in years! I can’t remember the last time I went anywhere for fun without the kids. It was nice in that I had rest, but I missed the kids so much! The weather was grand, warm most of the time, and I got to see a side to Budapest I’d never seen before–the old town, castle, etc.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can edit them. Pray for my computer! The 25th is coming up, I didn’t back up last month, and right now the computer is just not working. Thanks!

my writings and thots

Counting my blessings again

Three days ago, I woke up feeling a bit woozy (being the kind of person who needs 7-8 hrs of sleep, getting only 6 three nights in a row is not good for me), knowing something wasn’t right with my body. By 11 AM, I had blacked out and had to sit down to avoid fainting altogether. I was scheduled to be with the kids, but had to step in to make lunch, since the lunch cook injured himself pretty seriously. After nap, I went to cook dinner and was in so much pain, I nearly blacked out again. Thankfully, I had help getting the kids to bed, and I went to sleep early to try and regain my strength.

I was slightly worried; an old friend is visiting Europe for the first time, and I was hoping to meet him this weekend. After prayer from everyone in the home, though, I started to feel better. Thank God, as I’m writing this, I’m getting ready to leave on a train this afternoon to travel to Budapest to meet with this friend I haven’t seen in 10 years. I’m healthy, haven’t had heart pain (or the other pain) in two days and feel well enough to take on a long trip.

Last week, I was making the kid’s school book order, but to my disapointment, I was unable to finish it, as there were glitches in the web site. I wrote frantically to get help but didn’t hear anything back for a few days. All I could do was pray. Two days ago, I got a response; the very nice people from CLE wrote me back with a wonderful solution, so the order is made, the funds sent off, and with more prayer, the books should be here soon!

my writings and thots

The news

Following the news these days is getting more and more sad. From the awful school shooting at the Amish school to Foley’s folly to the most terrible oil spill on Lebanon’s coast thanks to Israeli bombing of the offshore oil rig. I sit there, sometimes with tears in my eyes as I try to comprehend what exactly it is man is trying to do to the world. Of course, there are segments about ‘advances’ in science–the creation of an artificial leg that can ‘learn’ how to walk, ways to prolong man’s life, or at least improve the quality of life. Why, I ask myself, must some work so hard to destroy the life others hope to improve.

The answer comes to me in the form of the verse, ‘all these are the beginning of sorrows’. It’s just beginning, it’ll have to get worse before it gets better. In conversation with someone recently, that comment was met with surprise and dread. I don’t dread it getting worse, though, I know it’ll have to be this way. I look forward to the time when life will be perfect for all, when the best Dictatorship will take over, enabling us to do good and only good.

In some ways, I look forward to watching the news, because I can see proof all around that we are living in the time of the end. In other ways, of course, I dread it. The screaming babies, starving children, homeless people–it hurts. My aquarian nature wants to right all the wrongs, now, and I know what I do helps in some way, even a small way. However, I would really like to give some people a piece of my mind; I wish I could in some way change the course of the way things go, but now is not the time. So I’ll keep doing my best to change one small heart at a time, doing my part to change my part of the world. Wanna help?

my writings and thots

Delinquent again…

Sorry, just haven’t felt much like blogging lately. There’s reasons, of course, like having lost the flash stick and not wanting to run around for another one, or ‘writers block’, not enough time, any number of excuses which can whittled down to laziness. I want to write more often, even if it’s just a few lines, let’s see if I can do it. 

I’ve decided to start writing again; I have been, but mostly just for myself—my thots, trying to make sense of what I’m going through. We’ll see if any of it is worthy enough to make it to this blog. I also have a story I’ve been meaning to write for some time, maybe send in to Activated; will have to see how that pans out… 

I am now the official kitchen ‘side kick’ meaning I get to help in the kitchen with stuff I’m good at—noticing which food needs to be eaten first, making menus, pickling and preserving stuff, etc. I got to make several batches of pickled peppers which my daughter has already relieved me of, one batch of plum jam with more on the way, Indian curry relish, and more. I just found out that the box of what we thot were peppers are actually chilies, so we’ll have pickled chilies as well now. The guy who runs the kitchen will be gone for up to 2 months, starting next week, so I’ll be taking over for the time being. It’s a huge job, we’re now feeding 25 in the home, and the budget is small. So, I’m with the kids in the morning, doing school, etc, and then cooking in the afternoon includes the other stuff I do, like preserves, cleaning out the food room, etc. I have yet to go shopping once here, but hopefully I’ll do that Friday, so I can have somewhat of an idea of what it is we buy here, heh. 

We have a show in Friday with the kids doing their performance as well. That should be fun, it always is. We’ve been doing the practicing as well as reviewing their manners and deportment, as that’s something I’m not happy to say my girls have gone pretty far back in. Thankfully at that age, things like that are learned quickly, and they are doing well at their practice, not only of the dances, but also greeting, etc. We had a visitor to the home a few days back for whom the kids sang, and they did great with shaking his hand, saying good bye, etc.

 I went out last week, fundraising in a nearby town. It was a very different experience, but an interesting one to have under my belt. We had a great opportunity to witness towards the end about the Endtime, world currents, etc, which is what I love best, of course. Something interesting about the day was that I kept seeing signs of Croatia everywhere I looked: ZG cars on the highway, a huge truck with Croatia written in bold letters on the side, Croatian products when I’d go into a store, having to speak Croatian when someone didn’t speak English, etc. Oh, I think I’m just homesick…