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Delinquent again…

Sorry, just haven’t felt much like blogging lately. There’s reasons, of course, like having lost the flash stick and not wanting to run around for another one, or ‘writers block’, not enough time, any number of excuses which can whittled down to laziness. I want to write more often, even if it’s just a few lines, let’s see if I can do it. 

I’ve decided to start writing again; I have been, but mostly just for myself—my thots, trying to make sense of what I’m going through. We’ll see if any of it is worthy enough to make it to this blog. I also have a story I’ve been meaning to write for some time, maybe send in to Activated; will have to see how that pans out… 

I am now the official kitchen ‘side kick’ meaning I get to help in the kitchen with stuff I’m good at—noticing which food needs to be eaten first, making menus, pickling and preserving stuff, etc. I got to make several batches of pickled peppers which my daughter has already relieved me of, one batch of plum jam with more on the way, Indian curry relish, and more. I just found out that the box of what we thot were peppers are actually chilies, so we’ll have pickled chilies as well now. The guy who runs the kitchen will be gone for up to 2 months, starting next week, so I’ll be taking over for the time being. It’s a huge job, we’re now feeding 25 in the home, and the budget is small. So, I’m with the kids in the morning, doing school, etc, and then cooking in the afternoon includes the other stuff I do, like preserves, cleaning out the food room, etc. I have yet to go shopping once here, but hopefully I’ll do that Friday, so I can have somewhat of an idea of what it is we buy here, heh. 

We have a show in Friday with the kids doing their performance as well. That should be fun, it always is. We’ve been doing the practicing as well as reviewing their manners and deportment, as that’s something I’m not happy to say my girls have gone pretty far back in. Thankfully at that age, things like that are learned quickly, and they are doing well at their practice, not only of the dances, but also greeting, etc. We had a visitor to the home a few days back for whom the kids sang, and they did great with shaking his hand, saying good bye, etc.

 I went out last week, fundraising in a nearby town. It was a very different experience, but an interesting one to have under my belt. We had a great opportunity to witness towards the end about the Endtime, world currents, etc, which is what I love best, of course. Something interesting about the day was that I kept seeing signs of Croatia everywhere I looked: ZG cars on the highway, a huge truck with Croatia written in bold letters on the side, Croatian products when I’d go into a store, having to speak Croatian when someone didn’t speak English, etc. Oh, I think I’m just homesick…


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