my writings and thots

The news

Following the news these days is getting more and more sad. From the awful school shooting at the Amish school to Foley’s folly to the most terrible oil spill on Lebanon’s coast thanks to Israeli bombing of the offshore oil rig. I sit there, sometimes with tears in my eyes as I try to comprehend what exactly it is man is trying to do to the world. Of course, there are segments about ‘advances’ in science–the creation of an artificial leg that can ‘learn’ how to walk, ways to prolong man’s life, or at least improve the quality of life. Why, I ask myself, must some work so hard to destroy the life others hope to improve.

The answer comes to me in the form of the verse, ‘all these are the beginning of sorrows’. It’s just beginning, it’ll have to get worse before it gets better. In conversation with someone recently, that comment was met with surprise and dread. I don’t dread it getting worse, though, I know it’ll have to be this way. I look forward to the time when life will be perfect for all, when the best Dictatorship will take over, enabling us to do good and only good.

In some ways, I look forward to watching the news, because I can see proof all around that we are living in the time of the end. In other ways, of course, I dread it. The screaming babies, starving children, homeless people–it hurts. My aquarian nature wants to right all the wrongs, now, and I know what I do helps in some way, even a small way. However, I would really like to give some people a piece of my mind; I wish I could in some way change the course of the way things go, but now is not the time. So I’ll keep doing my best to change one small heart at a time, doing my part to change my part of the world. Wanna help?


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