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Counting my blessings again

Three days ago, I woke up feeling a bit woozy (being the kind of person who needs 7-8 hrs of sleep, getting only 6 three nights in a row is not good for me), knowing something wasn’t right with my body. By 11 AM, I had blacked out and had to sit down to avoid fainting altogether. I was scheduled to be with the kids, but had to step in to make lunch, since the lunch cook injured himself pretty seriously. After nap, I went to cook dinner and was in so much pain, I nearly blacked out again. Thankfully, I had help getting the kids to bed, and I went to sleep early to try and regain my strength.

I was slightly worried; an old friend is visiting Europe for the first time, and I was hoping to meet him this weekend. After prayer from everyone in the home, though, I started to feel better. Thank God, as I’m writing this, I’m getting ready to leave on a train this afternoon to travel to Budapest to meet with this friend I haven’t seen in 10 years. I’m healthy, haven’t had heart pain (or the other pain) in two days and feel well enough to take on a long trip.

Last week, I was making the kid’s school book order, but to my disapointment, I was unable to finish it, as there were glitches in the web site. I wrote frantically to get help but didn’t hear anything back for a few days. All I could do was pray. Two days ago, I got a response; the very nice people from CLE wrote me back with a wonderful solution, so the order is made, the funds sent off, and with more prayer, the books should be here soon!


4 thoughts on “Counting my blessings again”

  1. Dear Gaby!
    Your blogs are very inspiring. GBY! I do read them often and when you do not post anything for a few days, I feel something is missing. I was very sceptical of blogs to begin with, but now with your blogs, I feel I got the point and I really like to log on yours and even sometimes Jerry’s. It feels like we just talked and chatted for a little while.
    I am praying for your health and your trip.
    Love, Terry

  2. EDITED: Hey Gaby. Sure do miss you tons. Oh well I love you and just wanted you to know that I am praying for you. You are definitely one of my top friends…  my kids still adore you. Ok Take care of yourself alright? I love you. Lisa

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