Some pix

Jordan can be so goofy at times!




Cherise is teaching Jordan to dance. He’s going to be a real gentleman, they already taught him how to kiss girls hands…


Another goofy one of Jordan


One of me from the Arabian night activity we had.



1 thought on “Some pix”

  1. There are a couple of words that come to mind after viewing this site and they are not only directed to you but to the wonder of God’s design in seeing our need and tailoring meetings of people who have vision and hope even as the deepest yearning our hearts can feel but find difficult the words that will frame those pictures so beautifully painted there in. I have waited so long to find another soul who could feel and understand the depth of passion that courses through my being and would understand this fire and inspiration is not anger but excitement at the wonders of His beauty richly abounding from His springs of Life! Or the words I thought of are Amazing and Unforgeable

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