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Angelic You

Throughout my life there’s been times when I ‘felt’ closer to Him and times when it was more of an act of faith. As a child, He was a father figure, showing me the way in the stories I’d read of His life and death. Growing up, He became a Friend, someone I trusted when I had problems, the One who knew how I felt even if I couldn’t properly express myself during the difficult teenage years. He was there when I was up and when I was down…I learned to turn to Him not just in times of need, but all the time, as a constant companion. He watched over me as I married, had three children and started a work in Croatia. He is there for advice when I needed help in raising each child in turn; never a day goes by when I dodn’t think of Him. He has become the guiding force in my life. Teaching others to know Him is a major part of my life, my passion.

Sometimes my ‘feelings’ were strong, my love for Him overflowed to where I could not contain it. At other times, though I knew He was still there, the ‘feelings’ weren’t. I learned early on not to go by my feelings, they can be such fickle things…and as such not reliable.

These last few months I was going through just such a dry spell. I had my time with Him each day, but looking back, they were times I took more because I knew I needed to than because I really felt His presence. Then the heart pain started again. I had been doing so well, hardly any pain for months, despite moving, lifting and moving things, etc. Now, I’m in pain more days than not; more hours than not. Through this, I have been forced to rest more, to take more time off, and just relax in His arms. I cannot say how thankful I am that I am privileged to feel Him again.

This song from Fool Moon sums it up so beautifully, I just had to transcribe it (so my apologies for mistakes) and post it as my song for the week.

I can see you two feet in front of me
But as long as you’re in the drive’s seat, I believe
Cause I remember times I tried to run my life without You
and now I know the only reason I’m safe:

Angelic You over me
when I had no chance, You free me

I won’t walk across the line without You with me
I won’t take a step without You to lead
Cause I could never see what would have happened
If you weren’t there by my side, covering me

Angelic You over me
When I had no chance, You free me

And it’s You, I bow my head when I pray at night to sleep.

Angelic You over me
When I had no chance, You free me..and it’s You…
I bow my head when I pray at night to sleep.
Angelic You, angelic You, angelic You

Never, never, anyone else but You.

I’m nothing without You!


1 thought on “Angelic You”

  1. I totally agree. Its amazing the things the Lord brings into our lives to bring us closer to Him. I really like the way you expressed it here. When one of the kids that I had taken care of passed on earlier this year, it was hard for me to understand why and then I realised that it was His way of taking care of him. He never leaves us, though at times it feels like He does. He wants to keep us in His hand and though it seems that He is far away, really He is right there with us. Anyways, you expressed my feelings in this exactly.

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