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please comment

It’s kind of eery getting up to 45 hits a day on this place…but not comments…pls ppl, I’d really like to know what you think. Yes, it’s moderated, meaning you won’t see your comment right away, but 99% of comments make it thru…TX


5 thoughts on “please comment”

  1. I of course love the pictures of the kids. I study them and use them as my wallpaper on my computer.
    I also like to hear how the kids are doing and the funny and touching things that they say. I also was brought to tears when Cherise cried when Jordan accidently hit your chest in concern for your heart.
    Reading your Blog helps me to know how to specifically pray for you and the kids.
    I am keeping your heart in my prayers and your spiritual heart as well. I love and appreciate you Gaby and thanks for doing this Blog, for me it’s a blessing since I haven’t seen the kids in almost 5 years and I have never had the opportunity to meet little Jordan yet. I pray that the Lord will let me come that way in the near future. Please pray that He will supply a ticket for me and Dan too.

  2. I guess I’m one of the “silent” visitors to this blog… you have a beautiful family and your posts are moving and meaningful….praying for you XXXX
    Love you!

  3. Hi Gabi,

    not sure if u remember me from Germany, Czech Rep.? (married to Tom? ring a bell?)
    Anyhow, I stumbled onto ur blog but wasn’t sure if I could post so I would just skim it. Ur kids look so sweet, the girls look just like you and remind me a little of Vicky when she was little. How old are your kids? Where do u live now?

    In case ur interested, my blog is and also

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