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Our first show

Better get used to it, I’ll be posting lots of pictures of their shows…I’m so proud of them! they really shone today, doing exceptionally well for not only their first show, but it had also been rushed as we were expecting our first show to be next week. They had learned the dances in record time and I think they made the people at the home for the elderly that we visited very happy. The highlight was when they went around after the program to shake hands and give hugs to the patients. Some of them were sitting there all excited like their Christmas present had come early as they waited for the next child to come around. Only Jo came to do filming, so most of it was video filming. These are the best pictures…will need to see what we can do about that next time…


What can I give Him…

We wish you a Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Our first show”

  1. Thanks so much for all the pics! I really wish I could see the kids on video performing. Dan said try to go to You Tube and sign up and then you can upload the video on to You Tube. It seems many folks do this. Then you just download it to your Bolg. Something along that line. I will pray for it.


  2. I found what I think is a good site for it. You Tube is good, too, but seems to have some problems, as I’m sure Dan noticed that none of his video feeds work…Also, they’ll get better with time…so I’ll edit the best ones and use them. Yesterday was all filmed with a regular digital camera, hopefully next time we’ll use the actual video camera which will have better quality.

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