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I’m back!

Got back last night, but didn’t post as I wanted to be with the kids and then had a headache. This weather is turning my brain to slush…

Good news, we got the shows booked, a place to put us up, meals for the team and more. Thank the Lord it was relatively easy booking everything; perfect set ups to meet those we needed to meet, etc. We stayed with a sweet grandmother who pampered us with home cooking (my face will pay the price of eating oily Croatian food, butter, etc) and a comfortable room. She asked us to pray for her as she suffers from migraines and other health problems. We took a lot of time with her and her son who’s a good friend and thankfully Vanja and Terry were visiting and helped with the Croatian side of things.

I didn’t get to see the town at night, it rained. Will try and go next time and take pix with the kids. Went to the house; so many mixed emotions. Happy to be back, sad that we can’t even go in the front door. The neighbor kids who used to come to the kids club were happy to see us again and kept asking when we’ll come back, heh. It’s hard deciding what to do; part of me wants to go back and keep going there, another part wants to start over elsewhere, clean slate and all. One thing is certain, the people there will always be in our hearts, and we’re continuing to write them, stay in touch, etc.

I can’t wait for next week! I won’t be able to go with the kids to this show today, but hopefully will acompany them back to Croatia for the shows there.


1 thought on “I’m back!”

  1. Glad ur back! I am really praying to watch some videos of the kids performance and of Jordan,you and Jo and anybody else I know there. But especially kids. It can be a Christmas present for us.Ha! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!
    I guess I’ll keep praying for it.

    Grandma Kat

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