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I survived…

…my first kitchen fire! I never set a pan on fire before, not even intentionally, but today I got quite the fright when the oil was splattering and I moved the pan ever so slightly. The flame must have been too high, so the pan caught fire. Thankfully I was already holding the pan so I was able to move it into the middle of the kitchen, away from the wooden shelves. I held it there for a few seconds while it died out on it’s own. Thank God no one else was in the kitchen and I didn’t get burned either!

In other news, CC got cut the other day while I was out and it seems to have gotten a bit infected. We were able to clean it, it’s not serious, but Charlotte, being a bit dramatic at times (especially in the evening when she’s tired) was crying because she was afraid it would hurt. I came back to the room with the disinfectant and I see Cherise with her face burried in her pillow crying. After cleaning CC’s cut with much fanfare I go over to Cherise to see what’s wrong. Through her sobs, she says, “It hurts her so much! Do you have to clean it? Will she be alright?” I had to hold her for a long time and reasure her that CC will be fine. She then prayed for it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a sympathetic child. Even when she was tiny, she’d burst into tears whenever CC got hurt or had to get discipline. A beautiful heart, that child.


1 thought on “I survived…”

  1. Yes, Cherise sounds like such a sweet child. I wish I could meet her again and give her a big hug. Please tell Cherise and Charlottle to that I love and pray for them and of course Jordan too!

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