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Sleep in heavenly peace

Originally I had said I would post something about the kid’s personalities and differences on a regular (did I say monthly?) basis. I just realised I hadn’t done that for some time and since I thought of something recently, here goes…cc-cherise-sleeping.jpg

The kids sleeping habits are as diverse as their personalities. All of them were good babies, sleeping a lot, not being overly fussy at night (yes, they pulled their all-nighters but not as often or as dramatic as some babies I’ve lived with), and generally sleeping well.

Jordan sleeps like a stone. He used to lie, sound asleep in his buggy in the middle of a busy fair while I manned the stand. People would stop just to watch him sleep amid the music, talking, people walking by, etc. He still sleeps amazingly deeply. In the morning, we’ll have music playing, lights on, kids getting ready for the day, etc and he’ll be jordan-sleeping.jpgblissfully dreaming away. Once he does wake up, he’s alert as can be, but loves to roll over and enjoy the warm blankets for a few more minutes, or until someone mentions breakfast. Then he’s up in a flash, sometimes with eyes barely open, “Where’s breakfast?” Putting this kid to sleep is one of the highlights of my day. He loves to cuddle real close with one arm around me, usually trying to get me to face him as he drifts off. Sometimes he chooses a car play with until he just stops and is asleep. I try to make him be quiet, tell him to lie still, etc, but he doesn’t get it. He’ll suddenly just say “Mommy, I’m sleepy now.” and within a minute he’s out. He’s doing better about sleeping in his own bed, though if he gets cold at night he still comes to me. With his bed next to mine, I just roll him over as soon as he’s asleep again.

Cherise is like me in that she just plain dislikes sleeping. When she was younger (3), she’d stay up at nap time but then her little body would be so tired, she’d just ‘drop’ somewhere late in the afternoon. I’ve caught her sleeping at the table, while watchingcherise-sleeping.jpg a video, playing a game, or on someone’s shoulder. She would just fight it so hard until she couldn’t anymore, and she’d just turn off. Of course, she’d have a really hard time going to sleep at night, so I didn’t let her do that for long. She still needs a nap every day, which means I get more cuddle time! We have a deal that if she falls asleep before I do she can go and read. The thing is, I lie right next to her with my arm around her so that even if I do doze off, as soon as she moves, I’m awake again. Cheeky, I know, but she needs her naps! She used to ask me at night if she could stay awake all night, and icherise-with-teddy.jpgf I tried to explain how that’s just not possible, it would get into a long discussion. So I’d just say yes, and within a short time, she’d be asleep. Her whole thing is just knowing she could stay up if she wanted to, that way she falls asleep easily. She also likes to come to my bed if she gets cold, has a dream, etc. But I can usually move her back to her bed or else I’ll lie with her for a few minutes. Waking up, she’s also very much like me: a morning person who wakes up easily and is generally happy first thing.

Charlotte hasn’t needed much sleep since she was between 2 and 3. cc-sleeping.jpgShe stopped taking naps and only does if she’s very sick. But once she’s asleep, it’s tough waking her up. Getting her up in the morning has been getting a bit easier, but with it still being dark outside in the winter, she just has a hard time waking up. She’s taken to sleeping with a teddy or other cuddly. On the picture is her favorite: a rabbit given by her ‘best friend’ Chloe. Sometimes I wonder where she sleeps, her bed is so full of stuffies!

One thing about all the kids, they are angels when they’re asleep!


2 thoughts on “Sleep in heavenly peace”

  1. As they say here, “He who sleeps does not sin!” (Wer schläft, sündigt nicht!) Probably why kids are so darling when they are conked out at night. Although, mine aren’t all to quiet: Amanda giggles in her sleep and Jason talks.

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