Joy unspeakable

If you haven’t yet…check out the mini compilations on the gifts the Lord asked for this year. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the gift of joy:

(Jesus:) I can’t begin to describe the joy I feel when I see My children filled with joy and happiness. It makes Me happy to see you happy! It brings Me such great pleasure when you take the time to look around you and realize all the many blessings I have showered on you. I know it’s an old saying that becomes trite at times, to “count your blessings,” but this year, this is what I want you to do for Me.

I dwell in your praises, and as you take the time to stop and ponder all that I have done this year, yet another year that I have kept you and prospered you, you will find real joy, and this joy will not only be your strength, but it will be Mine as well, for it will spur Me on to do more for you in greater ways.

This Christmas as you spend time with your families and friends, as you reach the hearts of those that are in need, as you shed My light on the world, don’t forget to think of all that you have to be joyous about. This is the season of joy, and you can make it a personal season of joy for yourself.

Today and during this Christmas season, I wish for you to find this joy within your hearts as something that you can give Me. For as you take the time to reflect and to meditate on what Christmas really means to you, as you let your heart embrace all the love I have for you, you will be filled with the warmth of Christmas. You will have grasped its true meaning. It will come alive to you today and in all that you do during this season.

This is the gift that will warm My heart as well as yours. Knowing that the joy of the real meaning of Christmas is alive in you will make that sacrifice I made two thousand years ago when I came from the halls of heavenly splendor, worth it all, all over again. Give Me your hearts filled with joy this Christmas season.

My loves, your joy, your happiness in Me, should be one of the constants in your life. If it’s not, if it’s missing, if you find it comes and goes, then something is wrong. Because regardless of your circumstances, regardless of what is going on around you, joy in your heart, joy in your life, is one of the things I’ve promised you. It’s one of the fundamentals of knowing Me and being Mine. So when you are lacking that joy, that should be an automatic sign to you that something is off, that something isn’t right.

I want you to realize that joy and peace and happiness in your heart should be constants in your life for Me. They should not be dictated by how things look or what is going on around you. There’s no reason for them to be!

It’s well worth throwing off his weights of condemnation and weariness and negativity and having the goal of being happier, more joyful in Me. For in that simple change, you will find your strength multiplied; you will find your endurance multiplied; you will find your spiritual stamina and resistance fortified; and you will enjoy your life for Me so much more!

I’ve told you that My joy is freely available to you, and that you’re entitled to have it, feel it, live it, and that it will be your strength.

The key to having My joy in your hearts, My loves, is to remember that this joy is My joy, not yours. It doesn’t mean that you’re happy with everything in your life exactly the way it is; it means that I’m happy and have promised to extend that happiness and joy over you so that it can envelop both of us. Thus it’s not a reaction that comes from inside of your heart, it’s a reaction that comes from My heart given to you when you ask for it and make room for it.

The first thing to do is to realize that what makes Me happy is very different from what you think makes you happy. My joy isn’t based on fleeting things that come and go, or your circumstances. My joy is based on the happy future, what will come to be, what potential there is in each situation—in you. My joy is based on the eternal things, on loving and reveling in all the words of Heaven, the joy of My creations, the joy of love, and all the other healthy, eternal joys that money can’t buy.

Learn to find your joy in these things too, because that’s where My joy lies. If you want My joy, ask for it, and ask Me to help you to see the things that are worth smiling about, and that can help to make you feel more carefree.


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