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Life’s been a bit different for me these last few days…Jordan is sicker than he’s ever been in his little life. He had a high fever for three days, and didn’t eat much. Thankfully, he wants to drink, so I make him soups and orange juice. He’s doing a bit better, now, thank God. He no longer coughs all the time, and though he’s still a bit congested, he’s doing better.

This means, I didn’t get to go with the kids to any of their recent shows…though I heard they did very well at all of them. Today Charlotte went carolling with some of the other kids, they had a blast.

We also put up the tree (at last!), and the kids helped make a mess, ha! No, seriously, they’re great at it, and their teacher has amazing amounts of patience!


3 thoughts on “update”

  1. Praying for the little guy. I used to give my guys thinned out oatmeal porridge, which is suppose to be very strengthening. That is if he likes it. I love the recent pics of the CTPs show!. Thanks also for your prayers for my visa trip, everything went fine and I am happy to be home again. Love to all!

  2. I make sure to give my kids electrolyte drinks so that they don’t dehydrate, that way it isn’t such a big deal if they don’t want to drink or eat a lot. Also, wrapping calves in cold towels lowers fevers pretty fast, tho kids usually dont like it. Poor Jordan, hope he gets better!

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