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Christmas update

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, that you enjoyed pagent.jpgfriends and family, celebrated well, ate well and had a grand time! We had a great Christmas, starting on C-mas Eve with the pagent the kids put on for the home followed by Christmas stories, songs and lots of praise time! Oh, and warm wine…I got to make it for the second time this year, it’s so tasty, and goes so well with C-mas!

Thankfully, the kids slept inunder-the-tree.jpg nicely giving mommy a bit more rest before starting the busy day. After breakfast and some Word, we got together to open the pile of presents that had built up under the tree. We are a big home here, so it looks like a lot, ha! The cutest part was how all the kids had spent the last few days going through their things looking for items to make or give to the other kids and friends in the home. On Christmas Eve, CC came to me with several nice pieces of jewlery that she wanted to give to some of the girls in the home who take care of them a lot. My first reaction was a grimace, as they were pretty and semi precious…CC saw this and quoted me, “Mom, Christmas is the time of giving, and if I can’t give something nice, what else should I give?” She wrapped up all her little items, as did all the other kids with so much love and care, making sure that people knew it was from them. I thought that was so sweet, the true sprit of Christmas. We also played secret Santa or guardian Angel, whatever it’s called, which meant all the adults got special words from Jesus and a home made gift. That added to the fun!

Jordan was finally well enough to get out of bed on Christmas Eve,jor-sean.jpg and enjoyed opening his presents with everyone else. It was tough getting him to smile for pix, though, his metabolism is still a bit off, so he’s moody. Thankfully, he smiled for this one!

The week before he got sick, he decided he would really like a red tractor for Christmas. Considering he’s a fickle toddler, he kept with that wish, even when he was sick. Thankfully, I had already received a red tractor for him last month that I was saving for him from the very beginning. I thought it was so sweet of the Lord to supply the very desires of their hearts before I even knew what they were. Cherise had been wanting a doll for a long time, as she doesn’t have one, which was also under the tree for her. CC got a bunch of her heart’s desires, including pastels with a tray for mixing…she can’t wait to try that out, but I can, ha!


1 thought on “Christmas update”

  1. Happy to hear you all had a nice Christmas celebration! Wish I was there.Well, we also has a nice Christmas, mostly giving gifts to Jesus by caring for his sweet sheep. I hope that Jordan will get better. Make sure he gets lots of rest and eats good healthy food so that he won’t have a relapse.

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