Out in town and my cool kids

Yesterday we finally had the chance to take the (healthy) kids into town to see thegiant-gift.jpg Christmas market, decorations and the large creche in the main church. It’s been a long while since I went to town, being busy with shows, sick Jordan, being sick myself, etc.

The town was beautifully decorated with ribbons, lights and the stands were fun to look at. All sorts of little nick knacks, jewelry, etc. What I thought was kind of neat was the way the fountains had been wrapped up, a different way to preserve them for the winter.

After a little snack, we made our way to the big central church as I had heard that there was a creche worth seeing. We weren’t disappointed. The set up was so cute with the large manger scene at the top of a little mound with all sorts of little scenes around, ranging from the shepherds watching their sheep, to the wise men travelling to see Jesus, to a little waterfall including a boat, to a farmer tilling his land and the star-filled sky.

On the way home, we were listening to some of my favorite songs on the MP3 player, itcreche.jpg was playing Angelic You, so Cherise asked me to skip it. Next, it’s ‘Mom, can you turn it up?’, then ‘here’s my hair elastic’…I’m wondering what it’s all about, so I look back to see that the four of them had created an ‘air’ band with Cherise drumming and moshing at the same time, CC was doing lead, Jordan guitar and Alen got to scream “Peace of Mind”….my kids…aren’t they just too cool?


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