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More snowy pix

These didn’t fit yesterday in the post.


Jordan did enjoy it this time.


But getting draged around was so much more fun!

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We took the kids up the ‘Bear Mountain’ for an afternoon of fun play in the snow.


Looking at the pix, you’d think it snowed all night, but alas, it’s artificially made, though I would have never known the difference. It was freezing cold, so the snow was perfect for sledding and we even had a lunch out as well!

Driving to and up the mountain was an experience all it’s own. I’d forgotten how ‘crazy’ the drivers are here having gotten used to a slightly smaller capital city, ha! Several times we were nearly cut off the road, and this is on a Sunday! If you ask me, Sunday is a day to relax, to forget the rush and the bustle of the week and just enjoy life. Not every time one goes into a car does one need to speed around zipping like a madman only to have the rest of traffic cacherise-snow.jpgtch up at the next red light anyway. Ok, so enough of my rant and back to our day. I’d never been all the way up the mountain, only to a smaller hill that we walked up when Charlotte was knee high to a grasshopper. It was an amazing drive up and around the mountain. The road is such that it’s one way both going up and coming down, so there isn’t the fear of a car coming at you at a blind curve or a hairpin turn, of which there were plenty. The view got more and more beautiful as we climbed and gradually there was more snow as well.

We had a great lunch, all sorts of food from home and since we met with friends, they brought food too, Indian food! YAY! Delicious! It was freezing, though. Jordan didn’t want to take off his gloves, so I got to feed him. All I can say is, thank God for thermos coffee! After that was done, we walked around a bit, there are nice little wooden houses, restaurants, etc.gab-cher-sled.jpg

After that it was up the mountain for some good old fasioned winter fun! At first Charlotte didn’t really have the courage to go down on the sled, but after she did it once, she was hooked and couldn’t get enough. Cherise never got into it, as you can see by her face, she looks positively uninspired about Mom’s attempts at having fun. She didn’t actually go down, Jordan did, but he did prefer the lower slopes or being pulled around by Dad.

All in all, a great day. Yes, I still dislike cold and I didn’t warm up untill much later that night, but at least the kids had a blast!

about the kids

Recent pictures


Charlotte looking beautiful and poised


Cherise in her favorite color: blue


The three girly girls together. So adorable!


The Indian stickers the girls got for Christmas.


Charlotte and Christina did this on their own to Cherise. She chose them all herself and the other two took their time making her look ‘perfect’. It actually held for a long time.


Cherise and her ‘hairdressers’ don’t ask me why she looks so tiny in-between them, I guess it may be the angle of the camera or something.


The boys and their goofy goofy grins. You’d think they were advertising for toothpaste or something!


The girls letting it all out during their dance time.

about the kids

Cold and more cold

Winter finally hit! It’s cold, it snowed a bit and we’re finally having ‘normal’ January temperatures. The kids are having a great time making tiny snowmen, trying to have snow ball fights and we got to go ice skating with them yesterday evening as well.

The girls had a dress up this evening, they were in such a girly mood. The three of them went for an Indian theme using mostly my shirts and scarves and some temporary stickers, etc. I have pix, need to re-size and post them, they’re simply adorable!

Jordan and Mikey are having a ball. They spent a good hour today just laughing together. It’s so amusing and fun to see the two of them being so goofy! They actually bumped heads together pretty hard while dancing around, fell down and all, and spent about five min on the floor just rolling in laughter. It’s so spontaneous it makes me smile.

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still around

So, we made it safely to Zagreb and got set up temporarily here now, including getting the school up and running again.
Jordan is so happy to have someone his age to play with, and they generally get along very nicely, seeing their mutual likes: cars, airplanes, play dough and eating, ha!
Jo will be heading up to Cakovec tomorrow for the day to pick up some toys that we started collecting at Christmas. We’re thinking to do the package distribution for Valentines Day, giving us time to finish collecting the items and shopping coupons, divide it all up and distribute it in time. He’s also going to visit some friends there and do business. It hasn’t snowed yet, but the weather is getting colder, so we’re praying against accidents on the road for him.My computer is up and running again, thanks to all those who invested time into putting it all into one piece again. It’s still too slow to do much else than my office work, reading, etc, but it’s a step up from not having anything at all to use, heh.

Tonight, I let the kids have half an hour of dance time, since it’s been raining all day, and I didn’t think they’d fall asleep with all the pent up energy they had. They had so much fun, even moshing together with their hair down. I got pix, but I’ll see about the best way to upload, since it’s not my computer I’m using to connect to the internet. I’m thinking of teaching them new dances, just to keep up the momentum and keep them in practice mode.

CC did 100% on her quiz today, I’m so proud of her and happy that despite the moving, they’re still keeping up their grades and concentrating, etc. Both of them are doing so well right now! 

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Time to say good bye

We’re leaving in a bit, heading back to Croatia for a few weeks where we’ll continue to see where the Lord leads us next. The home here took us in on short notice, let us stay much longer than we had originally asked for, taking us into their hearts and lives. We had many good days, the kids enjoyed performing with the other kids in the home, I had fun running a kitchen for so many people and we had a few fun evenings together as well.

Thank you guys for having us, and not just as visitors but as home members, including us in so much! Thanks also for the counsel and loving advice given, it’s appreciated and we’ll continue to appreciate your prayers for our next move. It’s not easy saying good bye, but then, we’re not going that far away yet, who knows, we might be back to haunt you, ha!


Jingle Bells

So, here are the promised, long awaited video clips of the kids dancing. I know that more were taken, but these were the only ones I could track down. I also received footage of their Christmas pageant, but that will have to be edited as it’s too large to upload here. I know Christmas is over, but we have Christmas every day in our hearts, right?

This is the second to last show. They were very tired, as they had to get up early and had done one really good show just before with one more to go. I think they did very well that day, as they really wanted to do well as they knew it was the last day they would perform before Christmas. Here they are in their costumes we got for them, which I like much better than the white tops. The little girls were in green, though all those pix can be found on this site (sorry, I’m in a hurry to upload these before we leave, maybe I’ll take the time to link to the pages sometime later. I’m just taking advantage of the high speed internet here, heh).

I’m upset about the poor quality of the video once it goes through youtube and then onto here. In the original, you can see their faces clearly and all…sorry about that, nothing I can do to help it, though!