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Recently, while doing a Christmas visit to a friend’s house, my eye caught a poinsettia plant, also known as the Christmas Star, which the mother of the house had sitting on the mantle piece. Every year at Christmas, we’ve had at least one of those beautiful plants in our house, adding to the other decorations I liked to place around.

I also remembered the year we thought we’d try and keep one of the plants alive; not only alive, but with the top leaves blossoming red the way they do when it’s Christmas time. Sure enough, within a few months all the leaves were green again, and although the plant lived for quite a while, we never could figure out why it didn’t blossom red leaves.

We asked at a florists some time before Christmas, how to make our poinsettia have red leaves in time for Christmas. She responded that the only way the leaves go red is if they are placed in complete darkness at night during the winter months. Further research online told me that although the plant should be in the sun or light during the day, it needed to have over 12 hours of complete darkness at night. Even passing cars or a street light would prevent it from becoming red.

While looking at our friends poinsettia and remembering our attempts to make it blossom, I started to think on the last few months and remembered the ‘dark’ times I had been through recently. Sure, there were those moments of sun, the times when my children made me laugh, when things worked out for good. It just seemed that there were some pretty long dark spells as well. A sudden move, poor health that caused me to have to cut back on work I love and enjoy, the children getting sick and personal issues that needed to be resolved added up to feel like the moments of sun were shorter and shorter all the time. Then it came to me, these times are to make me better, to make me blossom into the person God wanted me to be. He is the master Gardener Who knows what He’s doing. I can only hope that the time I am in the dark will enable me to grow just the way He wants me to.


3 thoughts on “Darkness”

  1. I will start out by reiterating what Katrina said; a very beautiful & touching lesson, one that we would all do well keeping in mind during turbulent times.
    You have got a very descriptive method of writing, easy to read and understandable, yet you still leave a bit to the peruser’s imagination.

    The following is a little tip for future reference: in the beginning of the second paragraph you stated «I also remembered…..etc» thereby inferring that you were remembering other events before that particular incident you alluded to.
    However there were no memories recorded that would support that sentence. If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion, omit the adv ‘also’. Otherwise, everything else is just spot on.

  2. Thanks a lot (you have so got to log out of my id b4 commenting, heh)…it makes sense what you said, though the ‘also’ is referring to my remembering that we used the plant as decoration and that later on tried to keep it alive. Does that make sense? If not, then I’ll remove it, as it does sound redundant…
    Thanks for commenting though, it’s appreciated!

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