I read, my writings and thots

Unsung Hero

This is one of those songs I can listen to over and over. I know a few people who fit this the description quite well!  It’s sung wonderfully by Vas and written my Michael Piano. I had to transcribe it as the lyrics aren’t posted yet, so if there’s a mistake, let me know…

I saw you and no one noticed;

I watched you from day to day;

Observed your humble spirit;

Admired your simple ways.

I wondered what it had cost you

To so willingly play your part,

Until I could not hold back

The words that filled my heart.


You are the unsung hero

Letting your hopes and dreams go,

That other lives may find

What they’re dreaming of.

Giving yourself to the uttermost

Holding on no matter what the cost,

In all the world there is no greater love.


I wanted so much to tell you

But words seemed so hard to find;

To show the admiration

I feel so deep inside;

All of those unseen labors

That nobody seems to see,

Are making a crown in Heaven

That will shine eternally.


I couldn’t do what I do

Without you there to help me through.

Our lives would know an emptiness

Without your love and faithfulness.


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