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It’s been quiet around here; I’ve been busy packing and preparing for our next move. We are on our way to Zagreb for a time. I’d appreciate any prayers for me not to get run down or overdo, that the kids will take this next move well and that we can find the right home, our decision making, etc. It’s been a good 8 years since we’ve done the whole “finding the Lord’s place for us” so it’s teaching us faith, following the Lord step-by-step as well as the more practical side of packing, unpacking, packing, etc.

The good news about moving is that I’ve been collecting all the pix and video clips from people in the home (pray we can trade our camera for one that takes clips with sound!), and since we have high speed Internet here, I’ll be uploading some clips before I go, for sure.

In other news, Cherise finished her first school book, averaging 96% in Reading. CC is doing so much better with her spelling, and who would have thought that I would be learning rules from her textbooks, heh. We were so happy that someone here got the complete Anne of Green Gables movie, which especially CC was delighted to see. We had read the book, so the movie was a plus. Both the girls love literature, both classics and our library books. The difficult part about teaching Cherise phonics is that since she can already read, she thinks she doesn’t need to get into learning the alphabet sounds and all. Thankfully, she doesn’t write very well yet, so it’s an excuse to get her to review her sounds. Charlotte is making progress in cursive, something she enjoys, which I’m thankful for as it seems her handwriting is becoming neater and nicer looking since she started.

Jordan demands to do his school every day, too, and is making good progress in his finger co-ordination skills, learning to trace very nicely and coloring in the lines. We recently found our tubs of play dough again, which I’m happy to let him play with while I teach the girls. All of them show a lot of artistic talent in art, dance and drama. I was very happy that there are teachers here who teach drama, seeing as when it comes to artistic talent, let’s just say I take a back seat, heh.


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