Jingle Bells

So, here are the promised, long awaited video clips of the kids dancing. I know that more were taken, but these were the only ones I could track down. I also received footage of their Christmas pageant, but that will have to be edited as it’s too large to upload here. I know Christmas is over, but we have Christmas every day in our hearts, right?

This is the second to last show. They were very tired, as they had to get up early and had done one really good show just before with one more to go. I think they did very well that day, as they really wanted to do well as they knew it was the last day they would perform before Christmas. Here they are in their costumes we got for them, which I like much better than the white tops. The little girls were in green, though all those pix can be found on this site (sorry, I’m in a hurry to upload these before we leave, maybe I’ll take the time to link to the pages sometime later. I’m just taking advantage of the high speed internet here, heh).

I’m upset about the poor quality of the video once it goes through youtube and then onto here. In the original, you can see their faces clearly and all…sorry about that, nothing I can do to help it, though!


1 thought on “Jingle Bells”

  1. Great! Cute!Funny!Fantastic! They did pretty good for such young kids! I love all the videos that you posted. Wish they were a bit more clear but I am not complaining. Super happy to watch them. I’ve already watched them several times already, ha. Thanks tons Gaby for posting them. Keeping your travels and His guidance for your future in our prayers.

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