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still around

So, we made it safely to Zagreb and got set up temporarily here now, including getting the school up and running again.
Jordan is so happy to have someone his age to play with, and they generally get along very nicely, seeing their mutual likes: cars, airplanes, play dough and eating, ha!
Jo will be heading up to Cakovec tomorrow for the day to pick up some toys that we started collecting at Christmas. We’re thinking to do the package distribution for Valentines Day, giving us time to finish collecting the items and shopping coupons, divide it all up and distribute it in time. He’s also going to visit some friends there and do business. It hasn’t snowed yet, but the weather is getting colder, so we’re praying against accidents on the road for him.My computer is up and running again, thanks to all those who invested time into putting it all into one piece again. It’s still too slow to do much else than my office work, reading, etc, but it’s a step up from not having anything at all to use, heh.

Tonight, I let the kids have half an hour of dance time, since it’s been raining all day, and I didn’t think they’d fall asleep with all the pent up energy they had. They had so much fun, even moshing together with their hair down. I got pix, but I’ll see about the best way to upload, since it’s not my computer I’m using to connect to the internet. I’m thinking of teaching them new dances, just to keep up the momentum and keep them in practice mode.

CC did 100% on her quiz today, I’m so proud of her and happy that despite the moving, they’re still keeping up their grades and concentrating, etc. Both of them are doing so well right now! 


2 thoughts on “still around”

  1. LOL, when u say ur husband is going to “do business” it sounds like mafia! Sorry u’ve been having rain, we finally have snow here and it keeps the kids busy and tired. Hope ur weather gets better too!

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