about the kids

Cold and more cold

Winter finally hit! It’s cold, it snowed a bit and we’re finally having ‘normal’ January temperatures. The kids are having a great time making tiny snowmen, trying to have snow ball fights and we got to go ice skating with them yesterday evening as well.

The girls had a dress up this evening, they were in such a girly mood. The three of them went for an Indian theme using mostly my shirts and scarves and some temporary stickers, etc. I have pix, need to re-size and post them, they’re simply adorable!

Jordan and Mikey are having a ball. They spent a good hour today just laughing together. It’s so amusing and fun to see the two of them being so goofy! They actually bumped heads together pretty hard while dancing around, fell down and all, and spent about five min on the floor just rolling in laughter. It’s so spontaneous it makes me smile.


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