about the kids, read this


We took the kids up the ‘Bear Mountain’ for an afternoon of fun play in the snow.


Looking at the pix, you’d think it snowed all night, but alas, it’s artificially made, though I would have never known the difference. It was freezing cold, so the snow was perfect for sledding and we even had a lunch out as well!

Driving to and up the mountain was an experience all it’s own. I’d forgotten how ‘crazy’ the drivers are here having gotten used to a slightly smaller capital city, ha! Several times we were nearly cut off the road, and this is on a Sunday! If you ask me, Sunday is a day to relax, to forget the rush and the bustle of the week and just enjoy life. Not every time one goes into a car does one need to speed around zipping like a madman only to have the rest of traffic cacherise-snow.jpgtch up at the next red light anyway. Ok, so enough of my rant and back to our day. I’d never been all the way up the mountain, only to a smaller hill that we walked up when Charlotte was knee high to a grasshopper. It was an amazing drive up and around the mountain. The road is such that it’s one way both going up and coming down, so there isn’t the fear of a car coming at you at a blind curve or a hairpin turn, of which there were plenty. The view got more and more beautiful as we climbed and gradually there was more snow as well.

We had a great lunch, all sorts of food from home and since we met with friends, they brought food too, Indian food! YAY! Delicious! It was freezing, though. Jordan didn’t want to take off his gloves, so I got to feed him. All I can say is, thank God for thermos coffee! After that was done, we walked around a bit, there are nice little wooden houses, restaurants, etc.gab-cher-sled.jpg

After that it was up the mountain for some good old fasioned winter fun! At first Charlotte didn’t really have the courage to go down on the sled, but after she did it once, she was hooked and couldn’t get enough. Cherise never got into it, as you can see by her face, she looks positively uninspired about Mom’s attempts at having fun. She didn’t actually go down, Jordan did, but he did prefer the lower slopes or being pulled around by Dad.

All in all, a great day. Yes, I still dislike cold and I didn’t warm up untill much later that night, but at least the kids had a blast!


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