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Happy Birthday Family!

No, I didn’t forget or get my dates mixed up, we were hosting a get-together for this area. We had 60 people here, which is a record for us! It was great meeting friends, spending time together, and catching up on recent events. The guys had a big soccer game every day, the 18 kids played every imaginable game and bounced on the trampoline till I thought it couldn’t take it anymore, ha! We took them all ice skating as well, and the ones that were too small for the skates had loads of fun in the indoor play areas at the mall.

On the first night, we had a concert by Hole Truth, which was just great! They were so tight, even though they didn’t perform together since months. They played songs, new and old, getting everyone up for lively dancing followed by birthday cake! The kids got to perform their dance that they had been faithfully practicing for this event. Though they weren’t together all the time, they did so great and raised the roof with applause afterwards.

Last night we had a nice dance at the same hall that was lent to us by the school down the road that we had the concert at the night before. As always, Tim did a great job keeping everyone happy with all sorts of styles of music, including the kids who were there at the beginning.

All in all a great way to celebrate our birthday!

my writings and thots

I’ve Been Moved

Just so no one gets the wrong impression, I still dislike the commercialization of Valentines’ Day just as much as Christmas, Easter, etc. However, I do appreciate the day for the original story, one that’s beautiful in it’s own way. I didn’t get to post yesterday because we were at a mall all day (yeh, it is a good fundraising day, go figure) and I didn’t get online once back. I’m pretty sore all over and I hope to not have to knot a balloon for a while, but in general it was fun. It was cute how guys would come up to us, let their girls choose what they wanted, the colors, etc and then hand it to their blushing girlfriends right there. The cutest, I thought, was this very old woman who came and got a heart with a poodle and gave it to her equally old husband as he came by a few minutes later. They were so cute, probably married for many years and still being so sweet and romantic. Now that’s love.

I’m posting one of my favorite Family love songs from Fool Moon. While the style isn’t really my taste, I admit he can sing well and hits the higher notes better than most and the words are too cute.


I’ve been moved by the sound of your voice,

Your smooth ways leave me no choice

But to love you the best way I know how;

I’m declaring it to you, right here out loud.


I know things could be different,

But I believe that Jesus put you in my path

Especially for me.

And oh, and I have been moved by your beautiful grace

Takes me away from this place.

And oh, and I want to spread my wings around you

Fly away, just me and you, just me and you.


Your fairness like raindrops on my eyes,

Your gentleness moves me inside.

When you’re gone I miss you a thousand times,

When you’re here I could watch you sleep all night.


I’ve been moved.


I love to make you smile

I love to tuck you in when you are tired

And after a long and tired day I love to rub your back and hear you say,

“Oh, baby, this love for you won’t change.”

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Blowing kisses

The kids and I have gotten back into blowing each other kisses. Charlotte and I used to do it a lot when she was much smaller, but it kind of faded out for a while. Now it’s back in full swing, which I think is so much fun! A lot of times, we blow a kiss and then the one we’re blowing to has to catch it and put it on their heart or face. Cherise especially likes this game and gets upset if someone fails to catch a kiss.


Those who freely give love and kindness are always recipients of them as well.

–Mottos for Success 1

Into all our lives, in many simple, familiar, homely ways, God infuses this element of joy from the surprises of life, which unexpectedly brighten our days, and fill our eyes with light.

–Samuel Longfellow



Valentines Day visitation

Yesterday we went up to Cakovec for the day to visit some families we usually visit at Christmas but didn’t get to due to our trips to Croatia from Slovenia being so short in December. A company had donated really nice toys, and incidentally the same branch had donated clothes to the home here in Zagreb, plus we still had boots that we took along as well.

Our trip started with a visit to the ‘center of the world’ where we picked up milk and some other items for the home here. We dropped these off at the house (we still have a storage there), went through the stuff we wanted to bring back with us (no light in the storage, we had to get it together during day light) and loaded up for our first visit. We picked up a friend to help with translating and went to the hospital first to bring stuffies, games and clothes to our pediatrician friend who knew of a family who needed newborn clothes and of course always needs stuffies and toys for children who come to her ward of the hospital.

After that, we went from family to family bringing toys, clothes and boots and leaving with smiles on our faces from the gratitude given to us. One family we’ve been visiting for two years had a fire in their living room from a faulty electric wire inside the wood paneling on the wall. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but they were so happy to see us, even though we hadn’t known what had happened and couldn’t really help with anything for that right now. The kids especially were grateful for the toys.

We got back after picking up our stuff at the house storage tired but satisfied at another great day! We left all the families with an Activated magazine and some with a prayer as well. All in all, a great way to start the Valentine’s season.


As a side note, I’d appreciate any prayers for me as with the mild weather (it’s been getting steadily warmer since our outing to the mountain) things are already blossoming, starting my allergies. I hope this doesn’t mean a longer season of hay fever, as normally it goes till April or May.



Even if everyone says you don’t stand a chance, don’t give up on your dreams.

–Mottos for Success 1

That we are alive today is proof positive that God has something for us to do today.

–Anna R.B. Lindsay

about the kids, my writings and thots


Three years ago, a third angel entered my life. I didn’t feel ready for another baby, and had my share of concerns as he was in breech until two weeks before he was born. However, there is no way I’d give this little guy up for anything in the world. Yes, it’s been a juggling act, having three kids, moving around recently and having a boy is a whole other ball game altogether, ha! I know, three is really nothing compared to some of our queen moms in the Family, or even my own mom who had five. But with every new life the Lord has blessed me with, He’s given me the grace, ideas, endurance and perseverance I need.

Jordan is one sweet, adorable bundle of fun. This kid loves yellow, Mustang Fords, math dots, cutting paper into little itty bitty snibbles that take me ages to collect and clean up, Curious George, reading bedtime stories, Cherub Wings, his older sisters, laughing out loud and so much more. His laugh is one thing I’ve always loved about him, he knows how to really enjoy a good belly laugh and seems to find something funny in nearly every situation.

I love my little birthday boy, thank You Lord, for this bundle of fun that you’ve entrusted into my care!

about the kids

The little one is three!

Wow, time sure does fly. I  can’t write much right now, but I will write more tomorrow about the little guy who makes my day so bright, brings a smile to my face and melts people’s hearts everywhere.

We had a fun little celebration (though his gifts are still in Slovenia! Arg, the girls got him some chocolates (it’s what he wanted most!) and a painting set. I had an idea to make him a Curious George cake, as it’s his new favorite character, but of course, failed misserably at making it really happen. Many thanks to Joy who did a great job. Will see if I can post pictures.  He enjoyed every moment as the cake was what he’d been looking forward to all day!


Gone for the weekend

Yes! It worked out for us to stay at a bungalow for our time of ‘spriritual retreat’ right next to the spa that we like so much! The Lord is so good to us, the place is great, and we get time away from everything, and all temptations to do any kind of work. And it works out nicely with my birthday as we got to have dinner at our friend’s place. Thanks to all who sent me greetings, and see you all Tuesday!