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Three years ago, a third angel entered my life. I didn’t feel ready for another baby, and had my share of concerns as he was in breech until two weeks before he was born. However, there is no way I’d give this little guy up for anything in the world. Yes, it’s been a juggling act, having three kids, moving around recently and having a boy is a whole other ball game altogether, ha! I know, three is really nothing compared to some of our queen moms in the Family, or even my own mom who had five. But with every new life the Lord has blessed me with, He’s given me the grace, ideas, endurance and perseverance I need.

Jordan is one sweet, adorable bundle of fun. This kid loves yellow, Mustang Fords, math dots, cutting paper into little itty bitty snibbles that take me ages to collect and clean up, Curious George, reading bedtime stories, Cherub Wings, his older sisters, laughing out loud and so much more. His laugh is one thing I’ve always loved about him, he knows how to really enjoy a good belly laugh and seems to find something funny in nearly every situation.

I love my little birthday boy, thank You Lord, for this bundle of fun that you’ve entrusted into my care!


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