Valentines Day visitation

Yesterday we went up to Cakovec for the day to visit some families we usually visit at Christmas but didn’t get to due to our trips to Croatia from Slovenia being so short in December. A company had donated really nice toys, and incidentally the same branch had donated clothes to the home here in Zagreb, plus we still had boots that we took along as well.

Our trip started with a visit to the ‘center of the world’ where we picked up milk and some other items for the home here. We dropped these off at the house (we still have a storage there), went through the stuff we wanted to bring back with us (no light in the storage, we had to get it together during day light) and loaded up for our first visit. We picked up a friend to help with translating and went to the hospital first to bring stuffies, games and clothes to our pediatrician friend who knew of a family who needed newborn clothes and of course always needs stuffies and toys for children who come to her ward of the hospital.

After that, we went from family to family bringing toys, clothes and boots and leaving with smiles on our faces from the gratitude given to us. One family we’ve been visiting for two years had a fire in their living room from a faulty electric wire inside the wood paneling on the wall. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but they were so happy to see us, even though we hadn’t known what had happened and couldn’t really help with anything for that right now. The kids especially were grateful for the toys.

We got back after picking up our stuff at the house storage tired but satisfied at another great day! We left all the families with an Activated magazine and some with a prayer as well. All in all, a great way to start the Valentine’s season.


As a side note, I’d appreciate any prayers for me as with the mild weather (it’s been getting steadily warmer since our outing to the mountain) things are already blossoming, starting my allergies. I hope this doesn’t mean a longer season of hay fever, as normally it goes till April or May.



Even if everyone says you don’t stand a chance, don’t give up on your dreams.

–Mottos for Success 1

That we are alive today is proof positive that God has something for us to do today.

–Anna R.B. Lindsay


1 thought on “Valentines Day visitation”

  1. My dear Family (friends),

    I’m so exicted to read about your recent projects. It fills my heart with joy!
    My Christmas card for you found its way back to NYC, so I got little worried of what is going on in your lives. But, then again, you were always on the track of the blessed souls and the Almighty had always been providing for your needs in abundance.
    Its nice to know that you’re still helping families from my county, even though you moved to Slovenia. Give my regards to Dr. Verica and Jasmina.
    Forgive me for not being in touch with you since quite a while (many reasons for that). Life in NY is sooo hectic, but I’m grateful for being here. It is the place where my life’s purpose will be fullfiled, as I was to find out through meditations and spiritual counselling.
    Thank you for all the things I’ve learned from you. You were a great lesson in my life.
    Much love to everybody in the Home, especially to the kids!
    Gabrijela from NYC

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