about the kids, my writings and thots

Blowing kisses

The kids and I have gotten back into blowing each other kisses. Charlotte and I used to do it a lot when she was much smaller, but it kind of faded out for a while. Now it’s back in full swing, which I think is so much fun! A lot of times, we blow a kiss and then the one we’re blowing to has to catch it and put it on their heart or face. Cherise especially likes this game and gets upset if someone fails to catch a kiss.


Those who freely give love and kindness are always recipients of them as well.

–Mottos for Success 1

Into all our lives, in many simple, familiar, homely ways, God infuses this element of joy from the surprises of life, which unexpectedly brighten our days, and fill our eyes with light.

–Samuel Longfellow



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