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Happy Birthday Family!

No, I didn’t forget or get my dates mixed up, we were hosting a get-together for this area. We had 60 people here, which is a record for us! It was great meeting friends, spending time together, and catching up on recent events. The guys had a big soccer game every day, the 18 kids played every imaginable game and bounced on the trampoline till I thought it couldn’t take it anymore, ha! We took them all ice skating as well, and the ones that were too small for the skates had loads of fun in the indoor play areas at the mall.

On the first night, we had a concert by Hole Truth, which was just great! They were so tight, even though they didn’t perform together since months. They played songs, new and old, getting everyone up for lively dancing followed by birthday cake! The kids got to perform their dance that they had been faithfully practicing for this event. Though they weren’t together all the time, they did so great and raised the roof with applause afterwards.

Last night we had a nice dance at the same hall that was lent to us by the school down the road that we had the concert at the night before. As always, Tim did a great job keeping everyone happy with all sorts of styles of music, including the kids who were there at the beginning.

All in all a great way to celebrate our birthday!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Family!”

  1. Happy Family Birthday to you all! We also had a nice get together with the folks on this side of the world. We are wondering where you will be around the middle or end of May? We might be making a trip that way, DV.

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