So, it’s been a while since I posted pictures on this place. That needs to change. I’ll start with older ones. Starting with my birthday, heh.


Incidentally, my birthday was also the first night of our time of retreat, so we stopped at our friend’s restaurant for dinner on our way to the spa.


The kids doing arts and crafts with me while the others rested.gabz-kids-hill.jpg

Here we are on the hill behind the pool taking advantage of the beautiful weather.girls-toplica.jpg

The girls in the green pool. They are all rosy from being in the warm water.jordan-pizza.jpg

Jordan enjoying his pizza which he put corn on top of.


On our way home on the last day. The kids enjoying their favorite desert, crepe-like pancakes with chocolate inside!


2 thoughts on “Pics”

  1. Thanks again for the pics. I hope that you and the kids are feeling much better, been praying for all of you.
    If you get a little spare time could you please write me & let me know where you might be around the middle or end of May? DV will be visiting over there. Thanks.

  2. Hi, mom! Jo is supposed to have written you back on this one already. The truth is, we’re not yet sure where we’ll be, though we’ll keep in touch, and whenever you do come, we’ll be sure to make it possible to meet up with you for sure!

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