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Weekend at the Croatian coast

As we made our way, concrete, metal and glass was replaced by rolling hills with small trees and shrubs, the snow capped mountains in the distance getting closer as we went along. Soon we were climbing higher, going through tunnels and admiring the scenery on the other side—forests, and then rocky, red earth replaced the flat plains. Soon we exited the last tunnel which gives a beautiful first view of the sea, making one feel like we’d drive straight down into it. Of course, the road winds it’s way down the mountain and soon we were driving next to the clear blue water.

Our host invited us to his home for the weekend for a few days off. He graciously put us upfront-of-boat.jpg in his house, cooked for us (adamantly refusing any help from me) and took us out on his boat. That in itself was an experience I’ve never had before—going on a small speed yacht, and going fast! We slowly went out of the port, giving a relaxing ride. Soon our host said, “hang on!” and off we went! I was sitting towards the end of the boat, which sinks into the water somewhat as the front of the boat goes up (excuse my lack of nautical term knowledge, ha), it was an amazing rush! It was windy out at sea, making for a bumpy ride, and since it was a cold wind, we didn’t stay out long, and opted for a walk around one of my favorite towns at the coast in the sunshine instead.

We had first visited Primosten five years ago when Cherise could just barely walk. Thatche-jor-sea-b.jpg time we had camped in a cute little campground but visited the town—which is actually on an island that fishermen had long ago made a bridge across. Now there’s no bridge anymore, it had all been filled in long ago. The center of town was under construction this time around—in fact many houses and areas were under construction, as all work must be done in time for the tourist season. Since we couldn’t walk through the old town (I was enjoying the effect the sea air had on my breathing and wasn’t about to go walking through a construction site if I could possibly help it), we decided to walk all around the island. There’s a path all the way around, and we could enjoy seeing the sea from high up and then the kids had fun playing in a tiny patch of sand they found. After that, we hunted for shells until it was time to meet for lunch.

The next morning, we took a short walk to the beach again, looking for more shells andjor-cher-sand.jpg crabs. Short because the wind had gotten even stronger and was feeling cold as well. After lunch we made our way to the home that is nearby where we stayed for lunch. They were so sweet, digging up toys for the kids, feeding us dinner and I even got to download the home review program on their high speed internet connection, heh.

We got back late last night and today I can feel the difference in my lungs, as I’m back to sneezing and wheezing, but I’m thankful for the respite I did have.


In other news, Cherise finished a reading LU with a 100% average, and CC a Math LU with 96% on her test today.



Never underestimate the amazing power of love to change hearts and mindsets. Love can even give fresh inspiration to tackle what seems to be impossible.

–Mottos for Success 1



2 thoughts on “Weekend at the Croatian coast”

  1. Sounds like you all had fun! But a bit too cold for me. Ha. By the way Jo did write me but was hoping to hear more about your plans as he wrote so little. Oh well what’s a grandma to do these days but trust Him.
    We would like to visit with you all at least for a week.Maybe we could rent something for real cheap where can all be together? Do you know of something around the location where you will be at the time? Oh well please keep it in your thoughts, I am sure He will work something out.
    Love Ya!

  2. I love the croatian coast. It has some of the clearest water I have ever seen. Enjoyed both the vacations I had there and hope to visit it agian, if the Lord wills it.

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