Of sugar and sweets and everything nice…

When the new Word came out about diet, I honestly didn’t think there would be too much in there that I would have to urgently change, as we have a pretty healthy lifestyle when it comes to eating well. I was a tad taken back that one thing did ‘go down sideways’ and that is the sugar issue. Truthfully, I thought I didn’t eat much sugar, two spoons in my morning coffee, honey in my evening tea, with some occasional sweet snacks inbetween ranging from breakfast cereals to home made cakes and rarely chocolate. After reading how even that’s too much, I decided to let it sit a few days and then pray about how to eliminate most of these sugars in my life. That was the first step; next I had to convince the kids of necessity of this change. CC and I both opted, after prayer to cut out all sugars altogether and then allow the occasional ‘sweet treat’ such as the cheese cake I made for breakfast tomorrow. Cherise prefers to have a little sugar, especially right now at the beginning she finds regular cereal or plain yogurt unappealing…at least until her taste buds slowly change.

So now, two weeks later, I’m drinking my coffee without sugar, eating basically no sugar during the day and as a reward our landlady gave us Swiss Lindt chocolate which CC and I allowed ourselves as a reward. Hey, if you’re gonna only have an occasional sweet treat, it might as well be the best.


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