Word time

Lately, just about every morning, something I read hits the nail on the head. I’ve been reading the Words of Wisdom in times in-between and other Word studies I’ve been catching up on. So, I hope you don’t mind me putting some of them in here from time to time, as well as other quotes I find that feed me or mean something to me in some way.

Here are some good ones from today’s Word time:

At times it seems trite and unnecessary to be investing so much time and effort in strengthening your faith, but when everything else in your life is gone, when you have nothing else to lean on but your faith in Me, then you find out how important it truly is.

God does not hear us because of the length of our prayers,
but because of the sincerity of it. Prayer is not to be
measured by the yard nor weight by the pound. It is the
might and force of it–the truth and reality of it–the
energy and the intensity of it.

Charles H. Spurgeon


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