about the kids

The little Peanut is SIX!!

She’s adorable, sweet, lovable, cute, tender-hearted, spirited, bold, shy, strong-willed, loving, pretty and so much more. I love to see her smile in the morning as she happily greets a new day. Teaching her is a challenge, as she’s often one step ahead and learns very fast. She’s helpful with Jordan especially if it includes reading him stories. In general, a tidy child with a knack for attempting the most difficult tasks such as making her own bed in the morning. A saying here in Croatia says that a child born with six fingers has a sixth sight and will grow up to be a prophet or have other gifts. Cherise sure seems to sense things and is very intuitive to people’s feelings or what others are going through.

There is really so much more I could say about Cherise, but words fail me. Every day, I thank the Lord for bringing this angel into my life.


CC gave Cherise her present first thing this morning, and no, it’s not the cat, it’s the clips…


Here you can see it better.


The birthday kids. We’re having the ‘party’ on Sunday, but they got their presents today. The kids and I got Jo a belt and you’ll see Cherise’s in the pix that follow.


You’d think it was Jordan’s birthday…with all that yellow, heh!


From Mom (Dad and Mom got her a porcelain tea set as well…but no pic)


From Christina


From Steven


The outfit is from Joy.



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