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The month so far in pix

On May 1, we were able to visit with a very good friend of ours who’s father had birthday. It was an interesting experience for the kids as well as this man collects all sorts of old tools, appliances and even has a big weapon collection. He’s a bit lonely because his wife passed away earlier this year, so asked specifically for us to visit with the kids. They did a fine job of cheering him up, performed their dance and just generally showed an interest in him which is what he needed most.


Here I am explaining the different tools and vats used to make wine. He has a cellar where he gets together with friends and has a collection of vats and other wine making tools.


Next to a big vat that this man made into a shelf. The kids were given these wine jugs to hold…just for fun…
Other things in his collection ranged from ancient irons and typewriters, phones, radios and even a horse buggy.


The two little trouble bugs sliding down what isn’t really a slide, but they had fun anyway. Our friend said she never knew they had a slide on their house…that’s cause they never had our boys there before, heh. Of course, they got Cherise to go along with them.


We took a walk around the village where they live. There’s an old palace which is being restored by a computer company. Here they are at the entrance to the park area surrounding the palace.


Cherise all dolled up by CC…playing hair dresser is the new ‘thing’.


I got out and cleaned the trunks in order to start packing and organising what we’ll take and what we’ll leave behind. Jordan of course, thought it made a great play house…


Cutie pie


We were hired to do a birthday party for friends in CK. The kids came along too, of course, and had a great time.


We were also invited last Wednesday to participate in an EU awareness week that is being done in all major cities in Croatia. We were just there to face paint, though, and thankfully didn’t have to promote the EU or anything like that.


Yes, it is really warm enough for the kids to try out the pool for the first time. And yes, they couldn’t stay in too long as the water was still a bit cold; Jordan’s lips turned purple after 10 min and had to warm up. This is on Cherise’s birthday.


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