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This n That

This morning Joy was telling the boys the story of Mary and Martha for devotions. She asks them if they know the names of the two sisters Jesus was staying with. Prompt reply, “Charlotte and Cherise!”

Mickey comes and says, “we’re playing I’m the daddy and Jordan’s the deer.” “A deer?” “yes, like, Dear, you do the dishes!” My oh, my!

I would very much like to devise means of torture for the person(s) who invented English spelling. I mean, who needs a ‘d’ in hedge or ledge or ‘t’ in watch or catch?!?!?! Why is come with an ‘o’ instead of a ‘u’ and why oh why do we need 9 ways to spell and pronounce ‘o’???? Both CC and I were in tears this morning…reconciling ourselves that at least we’re not learning to spell in French…no offense, heh.

We finished the room changes! Putting stuff up in the attic, moving furniture, boxing away the winter clothes and blankets, etc. The kids are now all in the big room and Jordan is sleeping with us in a smaller room. He’s very excited about his new bed and is doing great at sleeping in it all night, heh. Thankfully there were no injuries and other than a few scrapes and scratches, we survived and will rest peacefully tonight…the sleep of the truly tired!


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