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Weekend fun!

On Saturday we were invited to face paint at a 4th of July celebration for US expats here which was great fun! There was a barbecue, ice cream, drinks and a play area for the kids. It all ended with the traditional fireworks. The batteries on the camera ran out first thing, so sadly, no pix.

Sunday, we planned on face painting at the zoo again but since it was so hot, no one wanted to even think of painting their faces, so we came home and had fun with our kids. Jordan and Charlotte agreed to let me try some new faces which was fun for all of us. Let me know what you think…

Yesterday, we had a parent day as our weekend had been so busy. In the afternoon we went to the lake which was a refreshing way to get exercise. It was my first time swimming this summer so I enjoyed myself immensely. Again, no pix…sorry! Will work on getting some soon, though.




Curious George…I think I’ll make the eyes smaller next time…honestly, it looked better in real life…honest!

PS. It was brought to my attention that the page isn’t loading properly. I can see it still properly on a couple different computers, so I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s still set to the green theme with angels in the left hand corner. Also, the links don’t seem to be there for some. In case your page isn’t loading properly please let me know…tx!


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