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Faithfulness vrs perfection

Rather than letting the stress of perfection, or what you feel others expect of you, cause you to become overwhelmed‚ why don’t you instead seek Me for My plan? You’ll find that I’m actually very realistic‚ understanding, and will never ask more of you than you are able to bear.

What is success in My eyes? What do you receive eternal rewards for? What is considered “success” in My Kingdom? What is true accomplishment for Me? How do I measure it? What is most important to Me? It’s very simple: love and faithfulness.

When you find yourself in a tough situation, or down and out, or like nobody understands you—the solution is, you’ve just gotta keep on forging ahead! You’ve gotta keep on keeping on and making progress! Refuse to give up! The easy way out is to give up. Anybody can give up, but it takes someone with real guts to keep on going!


1 thought on “Faithfulness vrs perfection”

  1. Yea, its like that knot that you just have to tie and hold on for dear life, cause if you let got, boy oh boy, cant even start going there. Thanks for posting that, it was very uplifting! I love you and will greatly miss you! You encourage me when i am down and i sooo appreciate you!

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