about the kids, read this

Bits and bobs

Jo is at Exit…I missed it again, sigh. But I’m praying for all of them, that they have a great time and that it will go even better for them all than last year. He went a few days early to help with setting up and all that, so no pix this week…though I’m still trying to get the pix from the wedding, so that would be a nice addition here…heh.

Been busy as we’ve collected heaps of clothes, shoes and toys to distribute tomorrow. It all still needed to be sorted, cleaned out, organized and divided into boxes for the individual families.

Also, I’m going to the UK next week. So that means getting all the kids’ school work ready for them to do in my absence,  do all the laundry and organize the bedding situation so Jo can take over and get out my warm clothes again, because apparently it gets pretty chilly in the UK even in the summer! This will be the longest I’ll have ever been away from the kids, and I’m dreading it already. I’d appreciate your prayers for me to get lots of FR opportunities lined up and that the kids will do fine while I’m gone.


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