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My little Indian Princess

Yesterday, my princess had birthday. It’s amazing to me how big she’s become, how mature and in way too many ways a lot like me, yikes! One thing she seems to have picked up from me is my love and passion for India. She’s decided that we’ll be moving there one day and told me the Lord promised it to her as well. In my prayer time for her yesterday, I felt she has an Indian spirit helper and today we’ll take some time to find out more.

Months ago, she decided that the theme would be Indian and she really wanted to use the mahendi ‘tattoos’ she had gotten for Christmas. We decided against making an Indian meal as we eat Indian in this home at least once a week so we kept it simple on the food front. I’m glad we did as the tattoos took much longer to put on than I had thought they would. Nearly an hour of cutting them out, wetting them and making sure they came off the paper but not her hands, etc. The ones that went down her arm were fine, the difficult part is her small fingers and where the knuckles are it didn’t really stick well. However it looked beautiful when we were finally done and she was in seventh heaven for the rest of the day.

After getting all the other girls dressed up with their own stickers, etc, she had a short chat with friends in India (one of the highlights of her day according to her!), then some of our Indian friends here came over as well. After dinner we had ice cream floats (she made brownies as well, didn’t really want a cake, thank God! It’s too hot to be in the kitchen for long periods of time on days like yesterday!) while watching the dancing scenes from Bride and Prejudice.  Below are pix…


Opening her gifts, of which there were many! Dad and I got her a watch (the one I’m wearing to get it into shape, heh)


Here you can see the mahendi better.


Why is she so happy? She got pickled peppers for her birthday…she’s the only child I know like this!


The four girls just looking beautiful…


I love my little Indian princess!


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