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Lazy Weekend (it could be the last in a long time!)

girlsdeep.jpgThankfully, the weather was beautiful and hot this weekend. We had planned a barbecue with the kids (we’re the only ones in the home now as everyone else is enjoying the coast) on Saturday and when it didn’t rain, we decided to go swimming first.

Being away while they were at the coast, I realized how much they had learned in the water. Cherise is no longer afraid of the deep, CC can swim underwater and is doing really good with the crawl and Jordan, well, Jordan is as fearless of the deep as always! That is one kid to keep an eye on! He would run half-way up the hill and dash into the lake at full speed, stopping only when he’d slip and land face first in the water, only to spit the water out and start all over again!

ccfloaties.jpgIt was relaxing and enjoyable as the water was still relatively warm, despite the rain and cooler nights we’ve had. I was sore from working out a couple days in a row (yeh, I got that unfit on my little trip, heh) so swimming was a good thing.

Charlotte has this funny stunt she pulls where she put the arm floats on her ankles and then tries to swim! More than anything, she gets a good laugh. Jo calls it ‘101 ways to drown’, adding Jordan’s death dives and CC’s attempts to pull either of us under water.

We did have the barbecue and even managed to pull off s’mores which was a first for Jordan and Cherise. Jo got to try his hand at the bbq while I worked in the kitchen which was a whole new experience, heh! All in all, lots of fun with the kids.

girlsshallow.jpgOn Sunday, I just didn’t feel like getting up at 8:30 to make pancakes for us. It is tradition, I know, but I just didn’t feel like it. Jo went to get Jordan some cereal and keep them at bay for another 30 min or so. Turns out, I fell asleep again and woke up an hour later to a wonderful surprise. Jo had dug out the cookbook and read up on pancakes (hey, Joy, I think we have another cookbook reader to join our club, ha) and proceeded to make them for the kids which they promptly brought up to me in bed! I thought it was all so sweet!

about the kids

More coast pix

It’s about time! I finally got around to resizing these. Enjoy!


Hvar is an island that has one of the few sand beaches on the Croatian coast. Most beaches being rocky (note the kids wearing water shoes all the time), they really enjoyed their time playing here!


Sun, sea and sand, what more could you want?


Here’s someone obviously having fun!


Steffi and CC turned Cherise into a mermaid!


Jordan, Fran and Adrian having a great time! Don’t ask me why he had to wear the swimming cap; Jo doesn’t know either, but apparently it prevented him from getting lost as it could be spotted anywhere 😀


Jordan in a Baywatch moment


I know the lighting isn’t that great on this one…but Cherise’s smile is just too good on this one. I missed my girls!


He’s so fearless of the water! He’s trying to swim here…good thing he’s in the shallow part!


On the boat on the way back home. My dark, very happy and rested kids!

My favorite quotes, songs and stories

Diamond in the Rough

Traveling to the UK, we dug out some older CDs to pass time. I forgot how much I had enjoyed Heat when it had come out, nearly every song on there a winner with me. This one spoke to me especially right now. Sung wonderfully by Vas, music and lyrics by Michael Piano.

I see you the way that you could be,
All the love in your heart that longs to be set free;
Then I see dark walls that try to keep you bound, all around.

Like a precious jewel, deep within the mine,
You are the treasure I searched so hard to find.
Only I know the way you will shine one day.

Every tear, every trial is to bring you liberty;
Every heartbreak is to set you free.
Every stroke of the chisel is a gift of My love for You,
My diamond in the rough.

So I take you into My loving hands,
Mold you and make you according to My plans.
Then I see tears flow when you do not understand My ways with you.

Oh, you come up shining, come up shining, shining oh so bright
And you’ll glow, you’ll glow within, reflecting My light.
Just as I promised you, the wrong will turn out right one day.

I see you start to shine, start to shine your crystal light.
Like a diamond glowing, glowing in the night.
I see your crystal light.

my writings and thots


I just found out recently that I’m being talked about. Oh, let’s just call it what it is: gossip. It hurts, that kind of dull hurt that comes when there is absolutely nothing one can do about the situation. So-and-so heard from so-and-so that I’m doing such-and-such. Why is that interesting to others? Why does my personal life need to be discussed like some celebrity gossip tabloid? People hear only one side, possibly correct, but at best one-sided, at worst, untrue or incorrect. That gets passed around. Opinions are formed, judgment made, next thing I know, it’s ‘everybody knows’. Knows what? I wish my life could be left alone. I wish people would forget. But it’s hard to forget, it’s hard to let go of pre-conceived ideas, it’s hard to try to understand someone when you only know one side.

Can we just all get back to our job at hand? Can’t we just focus on what we’re here for? Our goals aren’t to judge others, to make opinions, to pass the latest news around. What’s our reason for existence? There are two commandments: Love God, love your neighbor. That can be done in any variety of ways, but none of them include talking about me, so can we just leave it at that?

about the kids, read this

Pix of trip to the coast

Jo and the kids had the opportunity to camp for two weeks at the coast. Here are some pix…I don’t know the story behind each and every one, but I’ll do my best, plus some of my own commentary of my own.


The water is so clear! Apparently, this was after a stormy night so the water was cold. CC fell in anyway.


Are these guys addicted, or what?!?


At a museum the kids went to.


CC on the ferry!


Looks like fun! Check out the clarity on the water! I am so going to have to go to the coast, even if just for a few days!


CC taking a break. Looks relaxing to me!


Charlotte and Steffi