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The Angel of Bang Kwang Prison

It’s been a while since I had time to read a book through from cover to cover. Someone lent this one to me and I found plenty of time to read during our long commutes to and from the place we face paint at (thankfully it was just this week, and thankfully most of it is on the highway so I can read!). I found it very inspiring and motivating. This precious woman is proof of the ‘Change the World’ theory that drives most of us in the Family. She helped start the prison ministry in Thailand and it made it even more interesting when I found out that the people here used to live with her there.

I love how she tries and does whatever she can despite the fact that it might seem small to those looking on. But she does change lives, because anyone can make a difference; we just have to try.


1 thought on “The Angel of Bang Kwang Prison”

  1. Yeah, i think she used to be in the DF home in Thailand but left after the Charter, does she give any credit in the book for that? didn’t know about her playboy past but I was young then. She was real nice and had a heart for others adn hard worker and had charisma.

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