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I just found out recently that I’m being talked about. Oh, let’s just call it what it is: gossip. It hurts, that kind of dull hurt that comes when there is absolutely nothing one can do about the situation. So-and-so heard from so-and-so that I’m doing such-and-such. Why is that interesting to others? Why does my personal life need to be discussed like some celebrity gossip tabloid? People hear only one side, possibly correct, but at best one-sided, at worst, untrue or incorrect. That gets passed around. Opinions are formed, judgment made, next thing I know, it’s ‘everybody knows’. Knows what? I wish my life could be left alone. I wish people would forget. But it’s hard to forget, it’s hard to let go of pre-conceived ideas, it’s hard to try to understand someone when you only know one side.

Can we just all get back to our job at hand? Can’t we just focus on what we’re here for? Our goals aren’t to judge others, to make opinions, to pass the latest news around. What’s our reason for existence? There are two commandments: Love God, love your neighbor. That can be done in any variety of ways, but none of them include talking about me, so can we just leave it at that?


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